An Open Letter to Many sins of Rochas and the Owelle you don’t know


It is with the greatest sense of humility that this open letter is brought to you all. The political temperature is at the boiling point of 180 degrees. A lot of political and administrative misfits and adventurers out there to solicit our votes. We shall therefore address issues on all the major political contenders, one after the other. The first salvo on this Open Letter centers on Owelle Rochas Ethelberth Anayo Okorocha who we are  not sure if he is the one referred to as the “Alhaji in Douglas House”. By this time in 2011, Owerri and Imo State came to an abrupt standstill and forced the person of Chief Ikedi Ohakim out of Douglas House. The people of Imo State, did not fully realize, the action tantamount to ignorant action of the people of Israel of old, who demanded for a king from God and the king ended up in whipping the people of Israel with scorpion. During the 2011 revolt, Ikedi Ohakim was accused of heavy yoke upon the people of Imo State and elected the saddle of leadership Ethelberth Anayo Okorocha. Immediately, he assumed office, Anayo Rochas Okorocha turn into the Rehoboam of our time. Instead of lightening the so-called burden of Imo people he swore an oath to do, Okorocha resorted into My Family, My Family and self rescue brand of governance in what is popularly called Familliocracy in our local politics, Like the biblical Rehoboam, Rochas OKorocha, resorted into inglorious annihilation and destruction of the infrastructures he met in Imo State to which the people raised questions. Like Rehoboam, he answered the people roughly and abandoned wise counsel he got from the people of Imo State and replied them to wit: “Ohakim made your yoke heavy, and I will add to your yoke, Ohakim chastised you with ships but I will chastise you with scorpion.” Indeed, did Ohakim give Imo people any whip and heavy yoke?” the answer is NO (1 King Chap. 12:13-14).


My dear Imolites, it will be necessary to hereto, make public the compendium of sins Okorocha have been accused of committing against Imo people that will make him unelectable and a candidate for EFCC cell with attendant imprisonment after his tenure expires on May 20, 2011.


Rochas allegedly changed the security votes from N2.5 billion yearly to N6 billion and drew the sum into his pocket within one week on assumption of office under tales pretence of not utilizing security votes. While under Ohakim it was only N3.5 billion and Ohakim drew only N1.5 billion due to the Security challenges during his tenure. Whereas, Rochas can be said to have lied to Imo people that he put the sum and into “Free Education” the governor rather pocketed the money to rescue himself while there were deductions from civil servants monthly salaries for the said “Free Education”.


Even as the award of contract for the supply of free education materials is still shrouded in secrecy and lmo people yet to be briefed on the capital flight due to the importation of the items, the involvement of the First Lady and wife of the Governor, Nneoma Nkechi Okorocha in the Free Education project puts a serious question mark since she is neither the Education Commissioner nor SUBEB chairman in the state. Besides, Free Education project in Imo is not an extension of Rochas Foundation, a pet project of the Okorocha family. Imolites deserve explanation from Rochas on the differences between the First Lady’s SNARP pet project and the Free Education of Imo State Government.


Rochas sold a dummy to Ndi Imo with privatization and revitalization propaganda when he took over Adapalm through a suspected surrogate and company named Roche. How Roche came to take over Adapalm for good number of years without due process and bidding is not only suspicious but also shows the hands of Esau at work. Today, the fraud in the affairs of the firm has been exposed with FG claiming the school buildings government said Roche would use proceeds from Adapalm to build. The “Roche” school projects are now FGs UBE project. So who is pocketing the N3bn Okorocha told Imolites Roche paid for milking Adapalm oil for the next 25 years?


In this deceptive bid to develop Orlu, he used one of his “boys as Mayor of Orlu zone and another construction company who took juicy contracts to blow about N3.6b on jobs awarded without execution. Imo people are still asking where the N18 billion and N25 billion paid for the construction of non-existent Prince and Princess Hotels in Orlu and Okigwe respectively have gone to few weeks to Okorocha’s exit.


On 5th December, 2013 the then Governor of Central Bank, Sanusi warned banks not to give loans to Imo State Government on account of suspected day light looting of Imo State treasury by government operators and stressed that the state was indeed indebted to the tune of N35 billion and 3 years in office, he had liquidated the loans and plunged Imo into a loan of N142 billion (see CBN website December 5, 2013). It is not in doubt that Rochas has made investments in every choice areas of world economy including Kosovo, where he intends to seek asylum if he fails to come back in 2015 as governor.


Rochas legalized abortion in Imo State. It only took intervention of the Catholic Church led by Archbishop Obinna for him to have a rethink forcing Imo lawmakers to repeal the law. Not less than N200 million meant for new judiciary complex has grown wings, no thanks to the governor who also owes Imo people explanation how a one storey Imo Foundation complex has taken over a projected 6-storey building on Housing/Umuguma road, after altercations between Okorocha and a contractor landed government officials in EFCC. So where is the over N200 million initial money paid for the judiciary complex?


Directors of Admin in Local Government areas were reportedly coerced into becoming willing tools for Government to borrow less than N250 billion from banks using local government allocation as collateral.


The Christian faith of Rochas is a suspect considering his alleged interest in Islam where he was accused of being part sponsors of pro-Islamic campaigns in Igboland. Accusations against him of finding Muslim converts and wanting to erect mosques in Owewrri are clear suspicions that he could be their agents in Igboland.


Rochas is allaged to be deducting 2% from the salaries of public servants in Imo State and it is suspected the total amount is paid into Rochas Foundation – a non-Government Parastatals Rochas pays workers N17,000 minimum wage after frightening deductions and claim it is N20,000.


Denied public servants entitled leave allowances, hospital refunds, overtime, duty allowance, seminars, conferences and workshops. What he used the money to do is better explained by his Recue mission cohorts.


Imo State federation monthly allocation is fraudulently paid into an account called PROJECT ACCOUNT, an account, only the governor and one of his cronies, a level 13 officer, turned Director of Works in Government House is a co-signatory.

Rochas knocked down all historical buildings in Imo State, including the monumental state library and replaced them with China buildings to serve as the interest of his FAMILIOCRACY tenets. Relevant items contained in the Treasury building and old cabinet office, etc, got lost, no thanks to his “block work” mentality.


Rochas mercilessly sacked 10,000 workers and Permanent Secretaries which threw them back into the saturated unemployment market. Like a confused Emperor, he came up with fake, sub-standard and exploitative 25,000 jobs than can only pass as a scam. The State Secretariat built by Achike Udenwa today has allegedly been sold to a foreign group through the auspicious aid of a man from Delta State, called “Cistus”.

Rochas destroyed Government printing press and valuable machines carted away through foul means including the premises of the statesman newspapers. While resource materials and relevant files destroyed past records of Imo State cannot be found as a result of the confiscation of historical property of the state. The permanent site of Government printing press at Onitsha Road (opposite Ararume Campaign Office) has been purloined through the same familiocracy policy.


NSU Tiles at Ehime Mbano is also suffering from “My Family my Family” plague.

Owerri master plan has been altered for the agents of government of the day to grab land from rightful owners.


In connivance with the Speaker of Imo State Assembly, Imo liaison office, Abuja, has been converted to a hotel and operated by his man Friday, Rt. Ben Uwajumogu. Is part of Rochas Lamonde Hotel on Orlu road not part of Government land?

Under Rochas Okorocha, all the 29 Sound Proof Gen Sets bought by Ohakim for powering street lights in Owerri grew wings and whereabouts unknown till date. Please who stole them if not government in power?


Umuodu Mbieri in Mbaitoli, are still crying over their hectares of land taken away by the power incharge ar Douglas House that superintends sharing of lands past governments left over. The ‘SALE OF LOCK UP SHOPS’ built in GTC Owerri, was paid into the Diamond Bank Account of one of the governors top aides (names withheld). Each lockup was N3 million. There are a total of 600 lock-up shops and was totalled N1.8 billion. Ironically, the top aid of the governor is the sole signatory to the account.


It is pertinent to alert the Mechanics in Owerri, most importantly, Orji, Nekede, Egbu road MCC road, Fire Service Mechanic and others that any vote given to Rochas and his APC are Sure Certificate of forcing all of you to Avu, dead or alive, if Rochas comes a second time.


It is interesting to remind Imolites that the current renovations of secondary schools are as a result of the sum of N8 billion which the Federal Government, gave to Imo State since July 2014. Rochas, as usual converted the funds before the Federal Government, threatened to withhold November 2014 Federation Allocation to Imo State.


Rochas and his illicit approach to government fund and property did not end within the state, he extended his kleptomania to Imo State Government, properties at Lagos, Abuja et al. Imo Public Civil Service on their part should know that any vote to Rochas, shall be a perpetual annihilation and destruction of the Civil Service. Before, it is too late, Imo workers should perhaps, be wary of the information that before now, Rochas and his Principal Secretary had compiled the names of grade levels 12-16 officers for compulsory retirement. What saved the civil servants was that Court action instituted by the Permanent Secretaries he retired abruptly without justification.


As at today, reports have it that a total of 4,000 staff of Local Government Service Commission have been pencilled down for retirement. It was learnt that Matthew Nwogu advised Rochas to suspend the action pending the outcome of April 2015 election.


In the same vein, Imo workers shall be prepared to stay at home, the moment unexpected happens. Meanwhile, Ministry of Information had been made to relocate to IBC, while, Ministry of Works are to move to the old site at Okigwe Road and Lands are to move to Aba Road where the governor has interest. His ill-conceived actions against the Civil Service are endless.  A vote for him is a vote for doom and hell for workers who he hates with passion.


A top official in his office is behind the N3 million from Civil Servants who went on study leave without pay. On the premise to serve out their tenure, he withheld the implementation and forced the affected officers out of service. Federal Government and State Governments have implemented the retirement of Civil Servants on ground of 60 years and no longer 35 years of service. But the Principal Secretary and few co-travelers close to the governor have refused the implementation and Imo State has lost its best in the public service.


ITC is in comatose because Rochas brought in Gobal Ginikana owned by his kinsman. Through GINIKANA, ITC lost the sum of N250 million in the name of privatization. The said N250 million, was collected and paid to the government and when the then Commissioner for Transport raised an eyebrow on the issue, he was asked to look “forward” and not “backward”.


The Ecumenical Centre built by the governor in Government House is nothing but something similar to a Masonic House if the architectural designs are considered. In a recent meeting with Heads of Primary Schools and their Supervisors, in the State, Rochas promised them that he shall commence payment of Imprest to them if he comes a second time. This is a man who destroyed the Cadre of Education Secretaries and replace them with what can be described as ROCHAS POLICE. Teachers’ employment that is the exclusive reserve of experts in the teaching sector became the duty of traditional rulers, CGC members and government officials. Who is fooling who?


Dear Imolites, the yams are now roasted and time of reckoning has come.

From the fact released, you will now ask yourself whether, it is worthwhile voting for Kleptomania. We say No way to Kelptomia in Douglas House again.



Be guided and it shall be well with you.



Fourth Eye Dimension

Plot 494 World Bank Layour Owerri

Imo State





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