Celebration galore as Holy Family Parish Uratta produces another Catholic Priest



Fr. Sylvester Emetuche flanked by the parish priest, Fr. Jude Onwana (L) and others shortly after Mass

The joy of Uratta Catholic and non Catholics alike in Owerri-North Local Government Area knew no bounds last Saturday 8th August, 2015 when their own son, Rev. Fr. Sylvester Chukwukadibia Emetuche, was one of the twenty-seven priests ordained by Chief Shepherd of Owerri Archdiocese, His Grace Anthony J.V. Obinna. The parish has recorded last ordination in 2007 (eight years ago) Fr. Sylvester thus ranks the eleventh priest in what left of Uratta mother parish.

On arrival from the Cathedral, the convoy moved to St. Thomas Station football field Owalla, where the Seminarian hails from, for a football match between Senior Seminarians and Owalla Uratta Football Club. The Seminarians piped Owalla FC 1-0.

The first solemn thanksgiving Mass took place in the well decorated and roomy Holy Family Catholic Church at 9 am, with Rev. Fr. Sylvester C. Emetuche as the chief celebrant. He concelebrated with the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Dr. Jude Onwana, the Assistant Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ohiri, Rev. Fr. Augustine Opara among other priests.

In his homily, Rev. Fr. Augustine Opara who is the Chaplain of Federal Poly Nekede, harped on the importance of perseverance by Christians and they should not give up during challenges. We should avoid malice keeping, rather we should forgive one another as Christ forgave us. He enjoined Christians not to murmur as the Jews did in gospel of John 6:41-51.

He explained that we should go to confessions always as to be clean to receive our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the living bread which came from heaven, and who ever eats of it will live forever. After the Holy Mass, the fresh priest blessed the Parish Priest, his curate and all the priests and religious. He blessed his mother and family, the Parish Council, the Ordination Committee and many others. The Parish Youths Choir added glamour to the event with their choral best songs led by Chukwudi Ukwunna.

Thereafter the event shifted to the reception ground. Highlights of the reception was cutting of the ordination cake prepared by Mrs. Eugenia Uzoechi.

The Parish Council Chairman, Sir B.C. Akuwudike, the Ordination Committee Chairman, Mr. Bath Njoku and the Parish Priest handed over a Toyota Camry salon car to the new priest. In a chat, the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Dr. Jude Onwana was full of praises for the new priest for his commitments that had this eventful end. He also thanked all and sundry who helped in one way or the other to realize this project. The mother of the Priest, Mrs. Mary Akunna Emetuche, was full of excitement and concentrated on singing praises to God.

In his response, Rev. Fr. Sylvester C. Emetuche thanked God for His mercies all these years. He thanked his mother, his siblings and two in-laws, the Parish Priest of St. Benignus Ihitte-Isi Mbieri. The Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Dr. Jude Onwana thanked all parishioners, friends, guests and well-wishers. He appreciated the Ordination Committee made up of Mr. Bath Njoku, Ezinna Oliver Mbah, Lady Blessing Kamalu, Mr. Eugene Amarikwa, Ihekuna Chiamaka, Mrs. Emmanuella Onu, Kamalu Ugochukwu, Herbert Okoro and Cathechist Canice Nze with Sir B.C. Akuwudike overseeing affairs.



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