Easter Message: Love and Lovanimate one another – Archbishop Obinna


Archbishop Obinna reading his Easter Message

The same criminal, sinful and shameful situation in Roman Palestine in which Jesus lived 2000 years ago and which eventually led to his incrimination and crucifixion between two real criminals is still with us today across various nations, in Nigeria and Imo State.

The Most Rev. Anthony Obinna, Catholic Archbishop of Owerrri who expressed this disappointment in his 2016 Easter message titled: “Love and Lovanimate one another,” said heart-breaking news is now what bombards us everyday in our newspapers, on radio and television and on the internet with a real war of opinions in the social media”.

“As Pope Francis recently said, the third world war is already on in small, medium and large scales with all the killings of children, women and soldiers and the flattening of living homes, shops, offices, recreation centres and places of worship almost everywhere in our common world. Even as I tuned to the Nigerian Television Network this morning it was the Nigerian State Security Service lamenting the Boko Haram threat against Nigeria. Yet in Igboland and Imo State we have continued kidnapping and killings often under-reported.”

Calling for a shift from the hate-insinuation that leads to killings, the Owerri Local Ordinary recommended lovanimation which he said confiliates and reconfiliates one another.

Urging Nigerians to forgive one another, Archbishop Obinna said that “as soon as Jesus rose from the dead, he began with forgiving Peter, the trusted head-apostle who betrayed and denied him three times. He also went on to forgive the other apostles.”

Quoting John 15:12-17, Archbishop Obinna said, “Christ has left us an eternal injunction to be followed on this earth no matter the bitterness, the wickedness, the brutality, the violence, kidnappings and killings that we experience and see before and around us”.

The prelate recalled the exhortations of both St. John the Beloved Apostle and St. Paul, the converted criminal, on love, saying, “they speak into our time and lives as great lovers after the pattern of Christ and great animators.” “What a mighty and joyful change would come into Imo State, into Nigeria and the world at large if we were to love and lovanimate one another in the spirit and practice of our Lord Jesus Christ and his loving followers”, Archbishop Obinna said.




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