Knights are not all millionaires, some are indigents – Chukwukere


Bro. Patrick Chukwukere delivering the lecture

The impression in several quarters that Catholic Knights are wealthy people is not correct, as many Knights are indigents, experiencing hardship with many condemned to penury because of catastrophic illness and non payment of pension.
The Supreme Assistant Secretary, Knight of St. Mulumba, Nigeria, Bro. Patrick Chukwukere revealed this in a lecture he delivered in Owerri as part of the activities to mark the Feast of St. Mulumba, Patron of the Order.
Bro. Chukwukere said many Knights and Sub-Councils are inundated with requests for financial assistance because of the erroneous impression that Knights are billionaires, not knowing that many members are simply balancing precariously on the verge of indigence.
Many Knights are civil servants, teachers and pensioners who are owed several months of pension or salaries. Many hardly meet their financial obligations to the Order.
“Just like one cannot hide stupidity or intellengence, you cannot hide poverty or wealth.” Bro Chukwukere said, adding that Knights are not spirits, “we see them in their communities, churches and offices and one should be able to know whether they are all billionaires or not”. However, many struggle with their limited resources to assist the church and the less privileged.
In the lecture, “Discipline in the Order of Knights of St. Mulumba Nigeria”, “Bro Chukwukere defined discipline as the practice of training people to obey rules or code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience,
He identified two kinds of discipline: Voluntarily-assumed discipline and external discipline. “It is in the voluntarily-assumed discipline devoted to religious ends that the most powerful forces in the world lies. Bro Chukwukere remarked that voluntarily-assumed discipline is an interior discipline and that all the canonized saints of the church had voluntarily-assumed discipline.
“On external discipline, Bro. Chukwukere said it is usually the product of tradition or of force, explaining that communities, establishments, governments, groups etc operate mostly on external discipline.
Though he stressed that inner discipline is more important than any system of external discipline, the combination of the two is always beneficial.
Bro. Chukwukere said that vivid discipline is indispensable in the Order of St. Mulumba, just as sound knowledge of Catholic doctrine, sanctity or holiness and courage to influence others to do good.
“A disciplined character manifests discipline in what he does (action), what he says (speech) and how he behaves (comportment). No wonder literary artists teach that you delioneate a person’s character from what he says, what he does and what other people say about him. He enjoined Knights to read their constitution, the booklet on the Code of Conduct and familiarize themselves with church’s teachings, stating that Knights who are not familiar with these documents have perched themselves at the apex of the laity and yet are comfortable with culpable ignorance”.
Earlier in his remarks, the Chairman of the occasion and Owerri Metro Chancellor, Bro. Paschal Ihemedu said the issue of discipline in the Order should be taken seriously and advised Grand Knights to ensure that candidates are properly screened before they are admitted into the Order.
In his vote of thanks, the Liaison Grand Knight, Owerri Archdiocese, Bro. Alban Ohiri thanked Bro. Chukwukere for the lecture and assured that such lectures will be more regular this time around, noting that indiscipline in society is gradually finding its way into the church and the Order.
He said a good Knight should, first of all, imbibe the culture of keeping to time in all his engagements including Mass.
He thanked Rev. Fr. Dr. Longinus Chinagorom and Rev. Fr. Stephen Nwamadi who conducted the penitential service and Bro. Tony Uroegbulam, Chairman of this year’s Feast of St. Mulumba and his team for a job well-done.


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