No light no payment – Orlu customers warn EEDC


Customers of Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) in Orlu and environ have expressed dismay over what they described as “cheating and inaccurate Billing” by the company in the area.

Most of the customers expressed their grievance when the workers of the EEDC, who were on patrol for disconnection of light for those who have not paid for th electricity consumed in the month of June. A source disclosed that some angry youths disrupted the workers of the EEDC as they tried to embark on disconnection in some parts of the area.

It was alleged that the EEDC in the area failed to measure up with the payment by their customers in distribution of electricity every month. A resident of Orlu, who craved anonymity, said that most times they make use of electricity once in a week and at times none till the month runs out.

A welder who identified himself as Donatus Egbufor told THE LEADER that the EEDC in Orlu does not give them light as at when due, adding that they spend much money in buying patrol and diesel to power their generator in order to work but still pay their bill to EEDC at the end of every month.

He further said that they will only see light towards the end of the month, which according to him was aimed at making their customers to pay their bills for the month. Others who spoke to THE LEADER pointed out that the EEDC in the area at times finds it difficult to respond to emergency, adding that they have adopted the method of “no light no payment”. They therefore called on the EEDC in the area to take pro-active measures to ensure that they justify the payment by their customer every month to avoid crisis.




  1. Other than the gross and official corruption that has been plaguing Nigeria for decades, two other types of outright “day light robbery” have gone unnoticed and unchecked for too long: by suppliers of electricity and companies engaged in the sale of cell phone time/cards. The Orlu customers are justified in refusing to pay because of the “cheating and unjust billing.” In fact they deserve the strong support of the diocesan Justice and Peace Committees across the country.


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