Wonderful developmental strides in Owerri


Before a new building is erected anywhere, the existing ground must necessarily be cleared which entails elimination of things to prepare the ground for the digging of the foundation. The trees, grasses, plants, stumps etc. must be removed. In the process, ants’ holes will be affected and some of the ants may be crushed without the labourer knowing it. There is no doubt about that. The situation becomes worse when the development is to take place in an already developed area. In this case, it will not be only ants’ holes that will be affected but existing structures and human homes and places for eking out living. Many heads may eventually roll without government officials knowing it. To win a war, battle must be fought and casualties must be recorded. But lasting peace can hardly be obtained without war. There lies the dilemma!

One therefore appreciates the wonderful developmental strides presently going on in the state capital such as the relocation of the Mechanic villages and the ancient Ekeukwu market to new locations outside Owerri Metropolis, and the widening of the major roads, etc. The major reasons advanced by the government for the relocation is to attract investors and tourists and free flow of traffic. Beautiful idea! Therefore, the former site of Ekeukwu market can now be used to relocate Nekede Zoo so that Chinese tourists can conveniently come to Owerri to watch Imo snakes and crocodiles and other spectacular creatures in the new zoo and by implication boost the revenue profile of the state government at the cost of thousands of lives. The government should also be lauded for destroying the useless newly

constructed over-head walkway at IMSU junction to make way for the ten-lane Expressway for Okigwe road. Imolites are very happy as the new wide road will end the present night-mare being experienced by all motorists at Ekemelee in Akabo. Nothing short of that will be seen as laudable. The work should start at the bad spots at Ekemelee and Amaraku.

The former Orji Mechanic village site can be used for the building of a wonderful Imo Youth Millionaires’ Club Exuberance Square and that of Naze used to construct a beautiful Relaxation Park for Imo Pensioners after their long years of work. All are called upon to support these wonderful initiatives. This is because when these projects are realized, they will enhance the aesthetic outlook of the city and attract both local and international investors into the state, and those coming from Okigwe road will have smooth drive into Owerri.




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