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February 24, 2017

The Butchers from the North (1)

By Femi Fani-Kayode

The butchers from the north are better known as the Fulani militants and herdsmen. They have unleashed horror and levied war against the people of Nigeria over the last one year.

The saints are the Christians that they have slaughtered all over the country in that same period of time.

I consider every single saint that they have killed as a martyr because they died for their faith. I honor them with this essay and I dedicate it to their memory.

On 24th August 2016 Mr. Phil Smart wrote the following on Facebook:

“Catholic seminarian butchered, pregnant woman’s stomach cut open….as Fulani herdsmen continue killing in Enugu”.

The words were accompanied by a picture of the seminarian whose body had been shredded into pieces like fresh mincemeat or a Japanese sirloin steak. There was another of a pregnant woman whose stomach had been slit open right down the middle and whose unborn foetus and guts were hanging out for all to see. Clearly she had been carefully and clinically gutted.

Many other bodies were strewn all over the burnt out fields and compounds of the village and some were so badly mutilated and chopped up that it would have been difficult to convince anyone that they once belonged to human beings. Not even babies were spared.

In truth this was not the work of men but rather of demon-possesed hybrid entities that the famous British conspiracy-theorist Mr. David Icke describes as “shape-shifting reptilians” and sociopathic beasts.

Worse still this was the second time in a matter of weeks that the relative tranquility of Enugu was desecrated by the presence of these nomadic beasts and murdering bastards.

On the previous occasion they caused as much havoc, slaughtered as many people and engendered as much consternation and outrage as the succeeding one.

Yet it doesn’t stop there. On the very same day that the latest attack in Enugu was going on other Nigerians were being attacked and “burnt alive” by people of the same radical Islamist bent and spirit in far away Zamfara for “blaspheming against Islam”. Other similar attacks by the same fanatics and jihadists took place on that day in southern Kaduna, Benue, Niger, Ondo, Plateau, Delta and various other parts of the country.

If the truth be told this carnage and butchery has now become a daily occurence in our country and it is always the same people, namely the butchers from the North, that perpetrate them.

The worst aspect of it all is that no-one has ever been arrested, prosecuted or brought to justice by the govermment for these hideous crimes mainly because President Buhari himself is a Fulani and consequently the authorities seem to have cultivated a soft-spot for them.

Indeed Buhari is actually the life Patron and “protector-in-chief” of the umbrella organisation of all the Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria which is known as Miyetti Allah.

There is of course another view which is that the herdsmen are actually a tool of conquest who are being carefully cultivated, co-ordinated, controlled, organised, armed and funded by a sinister and dark hidden hand: that they are something akin to a Fulani “death squad” or armed militia.


Those that share that view, and yours truly is amongst them, often refer to the butchers from the north as Nigeria’s “Janjaweed”, after the ruthless camel-riding Arab Muslim militia which Sudanese President Al Bashir commissioned, armed and employed to decimate, slaughter and commit genocide against over one million defenceless black African Sudanese Christians in the vast region of Darfur for many years.

It is also why the U.S.-based Global Terror Index describes them as the “Fulani Militants” and has designated them as the “fourth most deadly terrorist organisation” in the world.

Whatever one chooses to call them, whoever is behind them and whatever their motives may be one thing is clear: their actions are outrageous and barbaric and such behaviour has no place in a civilised society.

I feel a deep sense of anger and outrage on the one hand and utter shame and frustration on the other about what is going on in our country today and what these butchers from the north are doing to our people.

Theirs is a scorthed earth policy and they take no prisoners. They rape, kill, abduct, kidnap and terrorise people and they rob, burn down, destroy and pillage their homes, churches and farmlands at will. Worse still they commit these atrocities with total impunity and without any fear of the law enforcement agencies or security forces.

And all this is done in the name and under the guise of herding cows and looking for grazing land for their cattle.

I feel a deep sense of anger and outrage towards President Buhari and his government, because they seem to believe that the constant spilling and shedding of innocent Christian blood is something that brings them good fortune. It also appears to give them immense pleasure and joy otherwise they would have put a stop to it long ago.

I feel shame and frustration because the Nigerian people themselves seem wholly incapable of standing up to that which is nothing less than pure evil. They seem incapable of protesting against anything, no matter how bestial and barbaric that thing may be.

I wonder who has bewitched us? Is this the work of the “mai chanji” sweeping broom brew?

Have the Nigerian people been charmed? Are we under a spell? Are we like the biblical Galatians who the Apostle Paul says were “bewitched”?

Our people appear to be wholly incapable of resisting and facing down those that have enthroned sadism and wickedness in their hearts and that take pleasure in indulging in mass murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing in our land.

It is not only the government that has failed but the political leaders from all the opposition parties, the traditional rulers, the clerics, the religious leaders, the media practitioners, the publishers, the columnists, the writers, the human rights activists, the editorial boards of newspapers, the bloggers, the intellectuals, the businessmen, the teachers, the students, the writers, the elites, the middle class, the workers, the unions and the ordinary people themselves have all failed too.

They have all been gripped by the spirit of fear. They have been bullied, intimidated, brow-beaten and shocked into pitiful submission and a sickening and cowardly timidity.

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They have all failed to defend and speak up for the defenceless, the weak and the vulnerable in our midst.

They have failed to protect and shield the thousands that are hacked to pieces and burnt alive on a regular basis by the rabid islamist beasts and terrorists in our midst for no just cause other than the fact that they are perceived as being nothing but Christian, Middle Belt and southern slaves.

I am going to say some hard things and speak some home truths in this contribution and frankly I do not care who takes offence, whose ox is gored or who feels hurt by it.

People are being killed by the demons in flesh, the tsetse flies and the religious and ethnic bigots in our land every day. Buhari’s Nigeria is awash with blood and most of it is Christian blood that is being shed by his misguided and dark-hearted Fulani kinsmen.

It is time to speak the truth no matter how ugly that truth may be and no matter how politically incorrect it may be to speak it.

It is time to stand up to the evil in the land, to damn the consequences and to bear the threats and insults that always come for speaking and exposing the truth in what has essentially become a police state.

It is time to coin that famous Ghanaian phrase that says “all die be die” and to remember Shakespeare’s words when he wrote “even though the heavens fall, let the truth be told and let justice be done”.

And that truth is that the evil that has seized our land has two columns, two heads and two primary sources of motivation. The first is the forceful and bloody quest for Fulani supremacy, ethnic hegemony and racial domination.

The second is the morbid obsession by the radical Muslims of core northern Nigeria to shed innocent blood, to take life in the name of their god, to effect Jihad against those that do not share their world view, to wipe out Christianity, to enslave our people and to islamise our country.

The truth is that every single CORE northern Muslim leader that has ever ruled this country has either died on the throne or been removed from power in a military coup. Not one of them ended well.

Whether the second coming of Buhari will end any differently remains to be seen. One thing that is clear to me though is that the whole thing is spiritual. It is being orchestrated and effected by the finger of God and not by any man.

It is God’s way of saying that they were never meant to rule and be there in the first place and that He has rejected them. It is the work of the Ancient of Days and the Lord God of Hosts.

They believe that they were “born to rule” but in actual fact they have been rejected by the Living God.

Those that employ mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide as a tool of conquest and a legitimate weapon of war, that consider their fellow Nigerians to be sub-human and that believe that those fellow Nigerians are nothing but chattel and serfs that are destined to be ruled over by some distant caliph are in grave error: they have not fully understood God’s plan and purpose for this country. They cannot comprehend or understand what is slowly unfolding. They do not appreciate the fact that no matter how much evil they visit on the rest of us that God is at work and His counsel alone will stand over our people and in the affairs of our nation.

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The truth is that the Lord regards them as nothing more than unbelieving slaves and they are far below us. They are of the darkness and we are of the light.

The bible describes it is a “great evil under the sun” when “the children of slaves ride on horseback” whilst “the sons of Kings walk around barefoot”.

That is what has been happening in Nigeria since 1960. The children of the “bonded woman” have been riding on horseback whilst the children “of promise” have been walking around barefoot.

This is indeed “a great evil under the sun”. It is a spiritual affliction. It is witchcraft. It is an abomination. It is unacceptable.

It is a total reversal of the way things ought to be. It is a rejection, usurpation and total corruption of God’s original plan. It is ungodly and it is anti-Christ.

I blame no-one but the leadership of the body of Christ in Nigeria for this mess.

There are a few good ones amongst them who stood firm and spoke out when it mattered the most but sadly there are others who are more interested in collecting tiny crumbs from the President’s table and buying fine clothes, expensive jewelry, fast cars and private jets than they are in standing up for their flock and effecting God’s purpose and plan for Nigeria.

Worst still there is also a small handful, like that short and vocal Rev. Father from Enugu, who have chosen to sell their souls to the devil, collaborate with the enemies of Christ and serve as the principal cheerleaders to the tyrant.

If our men and women of God were bold and courageous and if they were doing their job properly the radical Muslims could not have turned Christians in Nigeria into second class citizens and toilet paper and a sharia-loving, Muslim-fundamentalist, closet- jihadist and Fulani supremacist like Buhari would never have been in power today.

The bottom line is this: if you are not ready to die for Christ or to lose your life or liberty for defending and protecting the gospel, God’s children or the faith then you are not worthy of being called a Christian.

To be contd.


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