Man hangs self in Mbaise



A young man, Mr. Chinenyeze Chilaka Ukpo committed abomination on Sunday, Sept. 4 by killing himself.

Mr. Ukpo from Umunama in Ezinihitte LGA Mbaise committed suicide at about 9.30am when the wife, Ngozi Chilaka and her little children – four boys and one girl and the entire members of Chilaka Ukpo, 35 years, extended family had gone to church.  None of his children is above seven years old.

Chilaka a carpenter by profession hung himself on a kola nut tree at their back yard.  When the news got to his wife and mother, Mrs. Florence Chilaka, they left the St.Anthony’s Catholic Church Umunama and rushed home hurridly only to behold the dead body of Chinenyeze hanging on the tree.  They raised the alarm which attracted people around and their immediate neighbours to the ugly scene.

Meantime, they said that police from the Ezinihitte were invited to the scene and after investigations, gave order to get the boby buried which was carried out before the dawn of the new day.

Till now, the incident has remained a mystery to the wife and mother who stated that late Chinenyeze had no problem and had on that fateful Sunday morning, went out and sold some of his carpentry products.  Some other people in the family held the same views.  There was speculations that something very remote might have ignited the unusual episode, considered abomination in Igboland.




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