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February 24, 2017

Eze Iwueze tasks women on humility

Mothers have been urged to remain submissive to their husbands even when the family situation saddles them with responsibility for providing for the family.
The Eze-elect of newly created Mgbam-Agbaja autonomous community Ehime Mbano, HRH Emmanuel Okechukwu Iwueze gave the charge as he addressed the maiden women August Home and Abroad meeting of his community when he paid them a solidarity visit at the Umudurebo community school Mgbam-Agbaja.
The Royal father drew attention to rampant loss of jobs and other means of livelihood in the country, which he said has deprived many husbands of their means of sustaining their families, thereby placing the burden on their wives income, however meagre. He described such a situation as precarious for any family, but urged any wife faced with it not to lose her head or respect for the husband, pointing out that humility in such a trying moment would earn great love and respect for the woman from her husband, while arrogance on the side of the woman would tear the family apart.
He urged women to shun ostentation and extravagance but embrace frugality and prudent planning before any expenditure in order to conserve scarce family resources. The Royal father who also dwelt extensively on the need for mercy and forgiveness as bedrock for them to achieve success in conflict resolution, arbitration and peace building which characterize their annual home-coming event, further enjoined the women, though of divergent religious inclinations, to key into the declaration of Jubilee year of mercy by the universal pontiff Pope Francis to achieve lasting peace in communities, diffuse tensions, ease pain, strengthen bonds of unity and love which according to the Eze-elect, would usher in proper development.
He appreciated the support and solidarity of the women during his presentation as Eze-elect a couple of months ago, and restated his resolve to provide leadership that would meet their yearnings and aspirations as a people, and appealed for continued synergy.

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