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March 23, 2017

LSM Sancta Mariae Sub-Council Owerri ends 2016 seminar

The Ladies of Saint Mulumba Nigeria (LSM), Sancta Mariah Sub-Council Owerri has rounded off her 2016 Seminar at Claret Academy, New Owerri, September 10.
The seminar which served as an avenue of enriching and re-awakening the spirit of members to the vocation to which they are called was well attended by the ladies.
Three papers were presented on different contemporary issues aimed at reminding the ladies on the need to take up the challenges posed by the situation around us today.
The first paper titled “Prayer: The source of life of the family”, was presented by Sr. Victoria Amasiatu. She said that prayer was a conversation with God and therefore no third party should interfere during this conversation.  She said that it was only through prayers that ladies could surmount the enormous problems especially the economic hardship facing us today.  She noted that the situation had gone beyond human solution but we should look up to God for divine intervention.  She listed different types of prayers which included intercessory prayer where somebody intercedes for the other as our Blessed Mother and other saints do for us.
She advised that ladies should form prayer habits which could be developed through reading the Bible, Spiritual books and belonging to any of the sodalities in the church.
The second paper on “Discipline in the Ladies of St. Mulumba Nigeria”, was presented by Sis. Beatrice Ahuokpoeme.  She said discipline instills positive knowledge into an individual and that the purpose of discipline was to socialize one in the knowledge of God. She noted that a disciplined lady of St. Mulumba lives in the spirit of God while an indisciplined lady is ruled and controlled by the flesh.  She listed attendance to meetings and other activities, punctuality, regularity and meeting up with financial obligations as some of those things that make one a good and disciplined lady of St. Mulumba.
The third paper on “The Faith of a lady of St. Mulumba in times of trials”, was presented by Sis. Charity Ani.  She said that there are so many trials and difficulties facing a lady of St. Mulumba today but these trials could also serve as avenues for strengthening her faith.  She said ladies should emulate the men and women of faith whose praises are sung in the bible. Such people include Job, Abraham, Paul, Esther, Ruth, Sarah etc. She noted they had their share of trials but stood firm in their faith in God.  She pointed out especially our Mother Mary who was told by an angel that she would conceive and bear a child even when she was a virgin and because of her strong faith in God, she accepted the message without fear but with full trust in God.
Lady Ani therefore advised ladies not to give up in that situation but rather remain steadfast and hold strongly to their faith.

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