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February 24, 2017

Tunnel construction threatens T.C.K. Osuji’s residence, others

The tunnel being constructed by the Imo State Government across Assumpta Avenue Owerri is posing a great danger to the house of an elder stateman, Mr. T.C.K. Osuji and other residents of the area.
Showing our reporter round the building, Dame Rose Osuji, wife of T.C.K. Osuji said flood from Control Post has eaten deep into their fence and it could give way any moment from now unless those constructing the tunnel did something urgently to check the menace.
She said that despite her warning at the beginning of the construction that blocking the water channel would pose great danger to their building, the construction firm ignored her and went ahead to block the waterway.
She said that MCC Construction firm which built the road during Chief Mbakwe’s regime, three decades ago, provided strong waterway that channeled water from Control Post area to the Nworie River.
“When they began the tunnel construction they blocked that beautiful water channel and I warned them of the danger. Now they have seen the problem created by their action and when I confronted the workers the other day, they said there was nothing they could do,” Mrs. Osuji complained. The family has now resorted to self help by using sandbags and carpets to check the erosion.
Our reporter who visited the site said the whole place was in a terrible shape as erosion had split the road leading to T.C.K Osuji’s residence, forcing them to relocate their entrance gate.  Worse still, no worker was found on site and enquiries revealed that the construction firm has removed all their equipment, leaving only the containers used to barricade the  road.
The construction across Assumpta Avenue is one out of three tunnels the state government is building.  The other two are being built along Port Harcourt Road – one at the Concord Junction and the other at the House of Assembly Junction.
Residents are worried not only because nobody knows the firms building the tunnels but worse still the quality of work being done.  For example, the tunnel at Concord Junction which was commissioned two months ago has been shutdown following what many believe was a shoddy job.
This has further raised fears over the fate of Assumpta Avenue following the construction of  a similar tunnel across the road.  Residents advised the State Government to engage renowned construction firms instead of faceless contractors, whose background and expertise are unknown to the public.

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