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February 21, 2017

Ensure you handover Catholic faith to your children – Msgr. Akagha tells Christian fathers

Christian fathers have been urged to ensure that they handover their Catholic faith to the children. The new Parish Priest of St. Mark’s Catholic Parish New Owerri, Rev. Msgr. Kevin C. Akagha gave the charge in his sermon during Second Saturday CMO Mass, October 8.
“If you cherish your faith, then you must pass it on to your children,” Msgr. Akagha said, adding, “you could give them good education, property of various types and even money but they are not good enough if you don’t make them inherit your faith.”
“What greater joy could you have than to pass on the riches of the Catholic faith as a permanent, priceless inheritance to your children?
“So, keep your faith, cherish your faith and pass on your faith to your children”, he further preached.
Msgr. Akagha, who is the immediate past Rector of Assumpta Spiritual Year Seminary Ogbaku, drew a relationship between faith and unity, saying that the Apostles came from different places with different temperaments but they were united in faith, in Christ.
“It is the same faith that unites all of us today as we come from different states and towns and it is the same faith that we are expected to use to work for Christ and the Church,” the priest said.
Spicing his sermon with references from the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the former Editor of The Leader said it was a good coincidence that the readings for the day, the CMO Mass, were on faith, stressing that  Without faith it will be impossible to please God and without faith there will be no unity and without unit we cannot accomplish anything.
He therefore solicited the co-operation of the Christian fathers and the entire  Catholic Community to make the faith strong in St. Mark’s and prayed that the faith of Our Lady may inspire all to serve Christ more faithfully.

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