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February 24, 2017

KSM, Owerri sub-council elevates 6 to 2nd degree …as priest charges KSM, Nigeria to rise up against “ills” in society

It was a happy occasion for all members of the Knights of St. Mulumba, Owerri Sub-Council, who turned out in their numbers to witness the investiture of six of her members to 2nd degree at Mulumba Hall, Owerri.
The ceremony took place on the 30th of July, 2016, beginning with a Holy Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Augustine Alagbaoso, who represented the Chaplain Rev. Fr. Dr. Casmir Nzeh, Bro. Dan Ekezie took the 1st Reading from Jer. 26:11-16.24, while the Gospel reading came from Matt 14:3-12.
Preaching from the day’s gospel, Fr. Alagbaoso, condemned the action of King Herod, the Tetrarch, who imprisoned John the Baptist for telling him not to have his brother’s (Philip) wife, Herodias. He later beheaded John the Baptist and likened it to many people in our society, today, as behaving like King Herod by living a life of wickedness, inflicting pains and agony to those under them.
Fr. Alagbaoso observed that some people in our society have forcefully seized lands of their own brothers because they are in power. Others have seized and or destroyed properties of the weak which include widows and orphans, thereby condemning them to a life of penury. To such people, Fr. Alagbaoso reminded them that “there are many John’s heads to be beheaded, but the judgment of God remains a fact.”
From the 1st Reading, Fr. Alagbaoso extolled the boldness of prophet Jeremiah who stood up in the Temple to condemn the evil behavior and actions of the people of Judah (cf. Jer. 25.5). He charged the Knights of the Church to rise up against ills in the society” irrespective of the challenges facing them, adding that “By baptisms we are all Priests, Prophets and Kings”.
Post communion, the Chaplain, represented by Rev. Fr. Augustine Alagbaoso and joined by the Worthy Grand Knight, Bro. Emmanuel Esenwah; the deputy Grand Knight, Bro. Gabriel Qsuji, who also played the role of the Worthy Chancellor; the Worthy Warden, Bro. Clement Anuma; performed the investiture ceremony on the 2nd degree Knights while the 3rd degree brothers decorated them.
The LSM President, Sis Victoria Chima and her Executives were also present to decorate the Ladies who were similarly promoted to 2nd degree. Those invested were: Bro. Conleth Achodor; Bro. Vincent C. Amadi; Bro. Denis Ikpe; Bro Thaddeus C. Njoku; Bro. Cletus N. Amaku; and Bro. Anthony 0. Williams.
Addressing the newly elevated brother Knights, the Priest charged them to be courageous and always seek the face of God in all they do, noting that many ills in our Society, today, needed men of valour like the Knights. But he regretted that some Knights are afraid to speak out because of their places of work, lest they loose their jobs. He called on them to use their Time, Talent and Treasure for the good of the church and society at large.
In his vote of thanks, the Worthy GK, Bro. Emmanuel Esenwah, congratulated the newly promoted knights and charged them to be focused to their “callings” as Knights of the Order of St. Mulumba, Nigeria (KSM).
Bro. Williams Anthony, on behalf of the newly invested Knights, thanked God for the honour done to them and appreciated the Grand knight and all members of KSM Owerri Sub-Council for finding them worthy to be elevated and promised, on behalf of his colleagues,to be obedient, respectful and dedicated to the Order.

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 …Ends annual retreat at Maryland Nekede


A three-day annual retreat with the Theme “The Knighthood of Christ” of the Knights of St. Mulumba, Owerri Subordinate Council ended on Sunday, l8th  September, 2016 at the Claretian Renewal Centre, Maryland, Nekede.
The Annual Spiritual Harvest which kicked off on Friday 16th September, 2016 witnessed a high turn-out of brothers from the Sub-Council.
Welcoming brothers of the Sub-Council to the retreat, the Moderator, Rev. Fr. Hillary Iheonu of Immaculate Conception Parish, Amakohia, Uratta, told members that they have come to Mount Zion – The City of God to encounter God and beckoned on their Guardian Angels to assist them throughout the exercise. He urged them to take the spiritual exercise serious, in order to reap from the Spiritual banquette. The Moderator equally called on Knights to emulate Christ’s humility and sacrifices.
Reading from Eph. 5:25, the Moderator called on Knights to love the church just as Christ loved His church and sacrificed Himself for the church in order to make the church holy.
Earlier, the Moderator asked the Knights why did they come for the retreat? Answering the question himself, he stressed that they came to pursue holiness of life; to gain salvation; to renew decisions of the past; and resolutions taken as Knights so as to confirm if brothers are still in line with the rules of the Order, the Mother Church and God. The Moderator said that the “knives” of the Knights are blunt and needed a spiritual file to sharpen them again, hence the retreat.
He further said, that retreat is a period of re-evaluating one’s attitude to prayer, re-examination of conscience and a period of absolute silence, describing silence as “power, holiness and discipline”, pointing out that Great men lived a contemplated life to become Saints in heaven.
During the Conference, Fr. Iheonu harped on the humility of Christ saying that though, He was God, He did not claim equality with God, a thing to be imitated (Phil.2:6). Christ emptied Himself and became obedient even unto death on the cross. and because of this, God raised Him up and gave Him a name that is above all other names (PhIL2:9); and by the name of JESUS every knee on earth, beneath the earth and above shall bow.
Fr. Iheonu urged Knights to be humble so as to be elevated to a status where God is the Shelter (Ps.46). He charged Knights to always examine their conscience; adding that “unexamined life is not worth living”. He called on brothers to attend confessions regularly since that will draw them closer to God and win eternal Salvation for them.
The annual retreat was concluded on Sunday 18th September, 2016 with a Holy Mass officiated by the Retreat Moderator, Rev. Fr. Hillary Iheonu.
In a vote of thanks, the Worthy Grand Knight, Bro Emmanuel Esenwah, on behalf of the members of the Sub-Council, thanked the Retreat Moderator for a job well done. He noted that brothers have benefited a lot from the retreat. He further called on Knights to go all out and project the image of Christ in their families and in the society at large.

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