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February 24, 2017

CMO drags uncooperative parishes, Knights to Archbishop

The Owerri Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Men Organization (OACCMO) has dragged some parishes and sub-councils of knighthood to the Most Rev. Anthony Obinna, Catholic Archbishop of Owerri, saying their uncooperative attitudes were hindering CMO genuine efforts.
In an address presented to the prelate during a courtesy call on him, Monday October 10, the organization explained to the Archbishop that some notable but recalcitrant parishes do not attend OACCMO meetings nor identify with their building project.
The address signed by Mr.  N.A. Nonyelum KSM and Mazi S.O. Okoli for president and secretary respectively also drew the attention of the Archbishop to the conduct of some sub-councils which deliberately programme their activities to coincide with Archdiocesan CMO engagements.
They said that knighthood is not greater than CMO because its membership of CMO that qualifies one to be a knight.
“Even in this year’s OACCMO Day celebration, (October 15) some Sub-Councils have fixed their various activities the same day”, the address further lamented.
“Also, there are some Christian fathers in our Archdiocese who think they are too big to wear CMO uniform.”
The OACCMO executive therefore appealed to the Archbishop to intervene to bring the required understanding to prevail.
They also solicited the co-operation of Parish Priests to assist in educating young married couples to join their respective groups, CMO and CWO as soon as they wed in the church. They briefed the Archbishop on their achievements in the past one year including a successful  annual retreat, active participation in the Cathedraticum, Odenigbo lecture, CMO national and provincial activities etc.
They also announced to the delight of the Archbishop their prompt payment of dues and levies to Veritas University project which they pointed out, had not been equaled. Archbishop Obinna is the Chancellor of the University.
The OACCMO informed the Archbishop that work in their Secretariat building project is in progress, saying that they have raised the block wall to decking level.
They used the occasion to present a cheque for N250,000, for OACCMO’s Spiritual Year endowment fund for 2016.
Other appeals made during the courtesy call include; to make wearing of CMO uniform mandatory for Christian fathers during churching and also ensure that fathers participate during the baptism of their children instead of abandoning such important Sacrament to their wives and sponsors.
Responding, Archbishop Obinna commended the OACCMO for their achievements within the year under review, saying that he was following their achievements with keen interest.
He assured them that he would look into the issues and complaints they raised. The prelate thanked the CMO for  their support to the Spiritual Year Seminary.
On the October devotion, Archbishop Obinna said it was a month set aside in honour of St. Joseph, husband of Mary. He noticed that there are not many Catholic songs in honour of St. Joseph compared with that of Mary and called on composers of Catholic hymns and songs to look into that.

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