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February 23, 2017

Family ‘hides’ teenage Muslim girl who saw crucifix near Mosque

More reactions have continued to trail the miraculous sight of a Cross around Assakio Central Mosque in Lafiain Lafia Local Government Area, LGA, of Nasarawa State, as the teenage girl, Hajara Husseini, who reportedly first saw the image a few metres from the mosque, has been hidden and ‘ferried’ to Bauchi State by her family.
The appearance of the crucifix in the vicinity of the mosque left people in awe as hundreds of people from the area and neighboring places trooped to the place for deliverance.
The Cross, which is considered the symbol of Christ, was illuminated on the ground close to the mosque and several people were said to have received miracles at the site of the Cross.
Hajara, who is from the family of the Chief Imam of Assakio, upon sighting the cross, had said that she would start healing and performing other miracles, but on hearing this, her parents were said to have taken her away following concerns expressed by some members of the family, New Telegraph gathered.
The teenage girl sighted the cross about 7:35 pm on September 28 in company of two girls and she was taken away after she prayed with some white men who visited the site of the Cross.

Hajara has, however, not been seen since then.
Investigations have however revealed that Hajara was taken to Bauchi where her biological father had gone to work before he got converted to Islam, but the 15-year-old has reportedly refused to eat, pleading with her parents to allow her return to Assakio to accomplish what she said God had directed her to do before the Cross.
Meanwhile policemen have been deployed to secure the Mosque and environs following the discovery , and the state commissioner of police, Mr. Abubakar Bello, who visited the scene of the strange sighting, had stated that the appearance of the Cross should not lead to controversy in the area.

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  1. Dr Norm says:

    Islam is not really a religion. It is more of a cult and a gang. Without threats, intimidation, fear and brigandage, Mohammed’s contraption would have been dead centuries ago. This Arab nationalist menace is indeed an enemy of freedom and humane civilization.

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