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February 24, 2017

Don’t expect dividends of democracy when you vote in bad government – Sir Ejike Uche

Nigerians have been advised to “look well” before casting their votes in future elections to avoid the mistake of voting in 419ners and people of strange characters in government.

A renowned politician and chieftain of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Hon Chief Ejike Uche gave this advice in his address on the occasion of the 2016 Owerri Archdiocesan CMO Day held at Maria Assumpta Cathedral, October 15.

Hon Uche, a former commissioner in Imo State urged Christian fathers to ensure good upbringing of their children so that they would not be willing tools in the hands of 419ners who pretend to be nice people during elections.

Sir Uche who was the chairman of the occasion said that as soon as the politicians of dubious character bribed their way into governance, they begin to show their real colour.

“While in government they perpetuate misrule and corruption by refusing to provide responsible leadership and good governance”, the former commissioner revealed.

Turning to the Christian fathers who filled the Odenigbo pavallion to the brim, Chief Ejike reminded them of how “some of us” invaded the Obiri Odenigbo in the course of 2015 election debate and desecrated the holy ground. Chief Uche recalled that members of CMO, CWO and even Knights of the church participated actively in the desecration.

“I have been waiting to hear that the leadership of CMO, CWO and the knights have disciplined their members who took part in this inglorious act but have not heard”, Chief Uche regretted, adding that “by keeping silent over the desecration of the holy place, we have again abdicated in our responsibilities by leaving it to the church authority to handle”.

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He advised Christian fathers not to be afraid in condemning evil no matter who perpetuates it, as anyone who dies in the course of fighting injustice dies a hero.

Chief Uche commended Most Rev. Anthony Obinna, Catholic Archbishop of Owerri, who has “earned insults and blackmail by those in government and the like, simply because he preaches against injustice and bad governance”. He urged the Archbishop to continue to remain the mouthpiece of the people, stating that the “blackmail and rebuff from your traducers should be seen as the cost of your discipleship”.

He observed the increasing number of the poor and destitute who throng the Eu-care office of the Archbishop every Tuesday for “relief materials” and described the present situation in Imo State as “typical of war period”.

Turning to the pensioners, who constitute majority of the CMO membership, he advised them not to fold their hands and wait for death as salaries and pensions are no longer paid to cater for their needs. “Instead, you can form small farm co-operatives of say 20 people and grow vegetables, legumes and other agric products that do not require much money and large expense of land”.



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