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February 24, 2017

KSJI carries out Evangelization at St Paul’s Parish Nekede

Knights and Ladies of St. John International (KSJI), who hail from four Local Government Areas of Owerri and Ngor-Okpala, Sunday October 30, converged at St. Paul’s Catholic Church Nekede, Owerri West LGA to share the word of God with the parishioners.

The occasion was the Third Quarterly meeting of the KSJI Owerri – Ngor Okpala Fraternity for this year, which kicked off with a Holy Mass, at which the Parish cmf Priest, Rev. Fr. Paschal Nnadozie was the Chief celebrant. It also concided with the 2016 Youth Harvest of the Parish.

Preaching the homily, Fr. Nnadozie, who drew his lesson from the scriptural readings and gospel of that Sunday observed that God is a merciful father who always seeks after his children without minding their sins. He explained that because of the breath of life he had breathed into man, God does not want to forsake him to perish and that what he desires is that man should repent from sin. “While it would appear that Zacheus climbed on top of the Sycamore tree to get a glimpse of Jesus Christ who was passing his way, it was actually Christ himself that was there to seek for him in order to bring salvation to his house”, assured the homilist

According to Fr. Nnadozie, sin had kept Zacheus staunted in the grace of God. It was only when Zacheus realized his shortcoming and made determined effort to seek God, that Christ on reaching where he was, gave that transformation call that he should come down from the tree as he was to lodge in his house that day.

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“We are all Zacheus in our various ways and it is only when we repent that positive changes will start flowing in our lives”, said the priest. Fr. Nnadozie also warned Christ’s faithful not to take God’s mercy for granted, adding “God’s leniency is no weakness but an opportunity to use one’s free will to seek for the grace of repentance from evil ways”.

The Parish Priest expressed immense delight at the presence of Knights of St. John International and their Ladies who had come to worship with them. He took the opportunity to extol the role of Knights in the church and to urge parishioners to disregard prejudices aimed at castigating knights by those who do not understand what knighthood is all about. He described Knights and their Ladies as Catholics who have answered God’s call to live holy life, defend the church and to use their resources to boost work of charity.

At the end of the Eucharistic celebration, Sir Ikpe, a parishioner  introduced the chairman of the Ngor okpala KSJI Fraternity, Sir C.C. Amadi.

In his speech, Sir Amadi commended the Parish Priest and informed the congregation that Knights and their Ladies were at St. Paul’s Church Nekede to encourage the parishioners to remain steadfast in their faith as practicing Catholics. He urged them to strive for holiness of life and to assist the clergy in the work of the parish.

Sir Amadi explained to Christ’s faithful that the rotation  of the Quarterly meeting of Ngor-Okpala KSJI was designed to enable Knights and Ladies to reach out and collectively support their various parishes, especially in their ongoing projects. He further assured them that knighthood is not a secret society but was open to any married practicing Catholic who is prepared to offer his three ‘Ts’ namely: Talent, Treasure and Time in the service of God. He said that knights are not saints and that everyone should realize that the heavenly race is an individual affair. “Ours is an Order which abhors scandal and has no place for a person of questionable character. Come and join the knighthood in order, be a more active Catholic and to bring up your children better in the fear of God. The consciousness of what you are, restrains you from backsliding spiritually”, assured Sir Amadi

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In addition to the various amounts of money raised during the second collection organized for the parish by the knights present, various amounts of donations were given by knights and ladies which was capped up with a N50,000 donation by the Fraternity.

Speaking to The Leader after Mass, Sir Amadi stated the watch word of the Fraternity as: Discipline and Fear of God, explaining that there is need for knights and ladies in any parish to work together irrespective of their particular Order.

Before the Knights and their Ladies commenced their meeting, they also participated in the Youth Harvest which featured among other things – buying of blessed Plantain and towels to raise funds for CYON.

Dignitaries present included: the Grand Secretary of the Owerri Grand Commandery of KSJI, Col T.K. Nwachukwu and Sir & Lady Ambrose Ejiogu, high ranking members of the Order, as well as Eze Sir & Ugoeze Felix Njoku.

It would be recalled that Sir Paschal Opara of Commadery 460 Port Harcourt and Sir Clement Oparanozie of Commandery 422 Owerri played a crucial role in facilitating the hosting of the Quarterly meeting.



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