Owerri PG. commends IMSU Igwe in Council for promoting Igbo language, culture


The Students Traditional Council of Imo State University Owerri, (Igwe in council) paid a courtesy visit to the Interim President General of Owere Communities Assembly (OCA), Chief Dr. Christian Oweaya Anukam (Agbawodikeizu Owere) on Wednesday October 26, 2016, at his residence to thank him for what he has been doing for them and also seek assistance in their current project of reviving Igbo culture and tradition.

Speaking at the occasion, Chief Oweaya reiterated his love for the Igbo language and culture, stating that it has taken him to places including America and Europe. “I don’t go to these countries just because of my position as the President General of OCA, I go there to identify with Igbo people during their cultural festivals because I love Igbo culture”, and according to him, his love for Igbo culture is one of the main reasons he was made a Chief.

He assured the students that they can count on his support for any of their project as long as it doesn’t involve crime. He urged them to consult other tertiary institutions traditional councils also to borrow some ideas from them and also to make sure they are on the same page with you.

Chief Oweaya advised them to keep on studying hard, saying that the main purpose of their parents sending them to school is to study hard and acquire quality education, and when they acquire this quality education, the sky will be their limit.

He encouraged them to keep on working hard and they should also keep him informed about their activities so that he can also be giving them his own input and advice.

Speaking earlier, the leader of the delegation Igwe Umezuruike Christopher (Igwe Ahaejiejemba the 16th of Lake Nwa Ebere IMSU), observed that the youths of nowadays are not interested in Igbo culture, warning that if the trend continues in the next 20 years, Igbo culture will be extinct.

He stated that one of their aims of coming to see Chief Oweaya was to seek for his assistance in their project, which is a sensitization campaign in the secondary schools to educate the youths on Igbo culture and traditions and encourage them to start practicing them.

“We came to let you know about our project because of your status as an Igbo leader and avid supporter of Igbo culture and also for you to help us reach out to some of our traditional and political leaders and other well meaning Igbo citizens to help us make this our project a successful one”, said Igwe Umezuruike.

Also speaking at the event, Ugoeze Sylvia Mmegwa (Ugoeze Ahaejiejemba) thanked Chief Oweaya for his kind gesture, reiterating that their project is an enlightenment program to make youths understand and practice the Igbo culture; she prayed God to bless Chief Oweaya and open more doors for him.

The students’ traditional council of Imo State University is made up of representatives of the 27 Local Government of Imo State.




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