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February 24, 2017

Behold These Hidden Facts Now Exposed

After the Almighty God had spent six days creating everything we see in this world, including the first human beings-Adam and Eve-whom He kept in the Garden of Eden, He later in heaven decided to create the ROSARY and handed it over to the Mother of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary whom He had crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth and told Her to bring it down to the world for our use.


Why did He take this decision?

You will soon find out. And so it happened that on the 16th of July, 1208 AD, the Blessed Virgin descended from heaven with this First Rosary and handed it over to a Reverend Father living in Tolouise, France, by name Dominic, now a Saint; as she was directed to do.


Why chose Dominic and not any other person? You will soon find out.

Again on the 13th of October, 1917 in the city of Fatima, Portugal, the Mother of Jesus appeared for the sixth time to three innocent children, seven to eleven years old, holding in her hand, a very beautiful Rosary of golden colour, also created in heaven; an event that was widely reported by the media including the O’Seculo and O’dia newspapers of Portugal. At this event, the sun miraculously left the sky and started rushing down on the huge crowd which had gathered, dancing about in a zig-zag manner and throwing colourful beams of light on the crowd as it grew bigger than a football field.


This is one apparition which the then Presidents of America, Russia and Britain, Kennedy, Khrushchev and Macmillan so much believed in that they had to obey the message given to them which led to their meeting in Moscow on the 6th of August, 1963 to sign the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT). Commenting on this, a German newspaper-Neues Europa, in its Monday 15th October, 1963 edition wrote: “This was infact the first time in recent history of mankind that when concluding a political agreement of world importance, essential factors arising from religious matters were taken into account”.

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The questions being asked, for which you will soon possess their answers are: What made God decide to create the Rosary in heaven?


Why do Catholics and even non-Catholics hang this weapon of prayer dangling in front of the windscreen of their motor vehicles?


Why do Catholics sometimes pray to Jesus through Mary?


What is the correct way to pray this Rosary in order to reap its power and benefits in full, and not waste efforts by praying it wrongly?


How does God see those Catholics who fail to go to Mass on Sundays to worship Him?


Behold answers to these questions, as well as Bible revelation in the Book of Deuteronomy, Ezekiel and the New Testament that Jesus is the only Child of the Virgin Mary: plus the revelation of what the number “9” can do which when tried with other numbers from one to billions or even trillions can never work; which may be why prayers said nine times (known as Novena Prayers) are very powerful; for 9 is mysteriously superior to every other number.


All these and more are contained in the Book titled- “Origin of the First Rosary” by Dennis Mary Chikata; with Nihil Obstat of Rev. Monsignor (Dr.) Anthony Njoku.


You will also discover from this book how and why the Rosary is an Easy and Sure road to heaven.


You will encounter the Two Special names which Jesus called His beloved Mother and what He said about those who insult or disrespect Her.

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You will also see how Pope Francis handled the Eucharistic miracle in which the altar bread turned into fresh human flesh in 1996 when He was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina and how New York got involved in this miracle.


It will then not be a surprise to you that Mrs. Chidi Okeke had sent us a mail from Lagos, Nigeria stating as follows: in her own words: “Your book is the best book I have  ever read on the Rosary. It has made me appreciate the Rosary even more, and I am now motivated to say my Rosary more often. Thank you for such a great book”


And you will be delighted as Mrs. Okeke was, to understand from this book that truly, dead people still see, hear, feel but simply remain silent. So nobody really dies after all; which is why the Bible states in Luke 20 verse 38: “All are in fact alive”


And you will know the secret causes of Suffering, and the blessings that it often attracts.


ORIGIN OF THE FIRST ROSARY is sold N600 (Six Hundred Naira)  per copy, and is obtainable from the following places:

  • Destiny Supermarket, Owerri.
  • Maris Supermarket, Owerri
  • Assumpta Cathedral Bookshop, Owerri.
  • St. Paul’s Parish Bookshop, Douglas Road,Owerri
  • Maria Mater Ecclesia Cathedral Bookshop, Ahiara Mbaise.
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral Bookshop, Orlu
  • St. Joseph’s Parish Bookshop, Umuna-Orlu
  • St. Mary’s Parish Bookshop, Okigwe

Copies can also be delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria within 72 hours if you go through online shops of GTBank sme markethub OR Eco Bank Mymall OR by calling or sending text message to 08063352660 OR emailto Delivery is FREE for purchases of three copies and above.

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