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February 24, 2017

New Year, Time for change

Exactly a week ago, people all over the world celebrated the first day of yet another brand new year, 2017. It took a form of a  universal feast, celebrated by people of all creeds and races and was  marked with a lot of excitement, emotion and expectations.

It is all about positive wishes and prayers for a better tomorrow, as usually expressed in the numerous New Year text messages that have come to replace Christmas and New Year greeting cards. Such messages are simply embodiments of expectations of better socio-economic and political changes.

Every New Year, both individuals and corporate bodies think of change. Corporate organizations and even governments take stock at New Year, trying to appraise what transpired in the past year, which often serves as a kind of review of their activities.

At New Year, it is common for government to announce new policies aimed at raising the standards of living of the people and so the masses look forward to the first day of January.

By reviewing their activities and the way things took place, both individuals and corporate bodies are able to come to understand how their gains and losses came about and equipped with such knowledge, work towards improvement and formulation of policies that can enhance their operations and perception.

So what is in the air every first day of January is change for good, which results from positive attitude to embrace the freshness of the New Year. It is a common practice for individuals to make New Year Resolutions on certain changes they are desirous to bring into their lives which include: attitudes and habits. There is always that desire to right the wrongs of the past, to fix the broken past, and turn a new leaf.

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In order to achieve the desired changes in 2017, efforts must be made to limit the number of such change and to be specific not ambiguous. The more specific and targeted the change is, the easier to achieve. It is not a bad idea to involve right from the beginning of the year, those relatives, friends and associates who are in a position to assist in the realization of the desired change, especially those who share the same view.

We consider it very important that we begin 2017 with the desired optimism to embrace change for the better. What we must avoid however is the temptation to make ambitious resolutions too difficult to achieve. What is needful at this stage is to be realistic and to take life in peace-meal, step by step, going about it with resolutions that are achievable and capable of bringing real change for the better. What we call for is not change for the sake of change but such change that will meaningfully impact on our lives and those of others. Let’s go for those changes that can be sustained.



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