Sanctity of Christian marriage sacrosanct – Prof. Okonkwo …As Juliet weds Stephen Umezuruike

Juliet weds Stephen Umezuruike

Very Rev. Fr. Anthony Ibeawuchi of Claretian Institute, Nekede, Owerri concelebrated the Eucharist at the consecration of the marriage between Juliet Chiemela Diala Okonkwo and Ifeanyi Stephen Umezuruike at C.K.C Catholic Church Umuokeh Obowo L.G.A, Imo State on Tuesday 27th December 2016.

Fr. Ibeawuchi was assisted at the Mass by Rev. Fr. Kevin Ikpa, Parish Priest and Fr. Princewill Iwuanyanwu, the curate. In his homily, Rev. Fr. Ikpa postulated that when God created Adam, he was lonely, unhappy and in a moody form until Eve was created.

According to him, Adam became happy and joyous when Eve his companion was created and he declared her as “the bone of my bones”“the flesh of my flesh”. The homilist posited that the Canon Law in its provisions decrees that matrimony is a covenant between a man and a woman who promise to be partner for better for worse” for the rest of their lives. According to him two different persons are joined together as one till death do them part. He observed that the ends and reasons of constituting marriage is for the good of the family and continuity of existence of mankind.

The Homilist warned that when the couples are no longer happy with each other things has fallen apart, as they are no longer at ease and the centre cannot hold.

He postulated that the second most important reason why marriage is consummated is the procreation of children as pronounced in the scripture with “increase and multiply”.’ He highlighted the third most important responsibility of marriage couples is to ensure quality training for children so that they can grow into responsible citizens with fear of God, have respect for authorities, protect cherished values and grow into responsible people.

Fr. Ikpa admonished couples to treasure their families, have sufficient time for the family and ensure they have time for their partners so as to avoid extra marital affairs. The Priest observed that parents are shepherd, they must learn to love, care, tolerate and persevere at all times.

The Leader spoke to Prof. Zephrinus Okonkwo moments after mass. According to him, the sanctity of Christian marriage is sacrosanct. He enjoined the new couple to be faithful and disregard any issue that will rock their marriage.

In his brief remarks, the sponsor of the marriage Mr. and, Mrs. Ayoka Sylvester Comptroller of Prisons, Abia State, observed that he chose to sponsor the wedding as a result of prior relationship with their parents. He promised to ensure appropriate counseling, guidance and welfare of the young couple.

Dignitaries present at the event included: Mrs. Omata Stella Ijeoma, Mrs. Ajuzie Virginia Chioma, Mr. Alphonsus Okonkwo, Mrs. Rebecca Umezurike, and Prof. Zephrinus Okonkwo among others. The high point of the event was the presentation of the Apostolic blessings of the Holy Father, Pope Francis by Very Rev. Fr. Anthony Ibeawuchi.




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