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February 24, 2017

Nigerians In Indian Prisons cry for justice

Prisoners of Nigerian nationality in Tihar jail New Delhi India, have cried out for justice to both the Indian and Federal Governments of Nigerian. They have accused the prison officals of high rate of human rights violation and the Nigeria High Commission in Indian of abandoning them without investigating  their cases.

An SOS  to the public,   addressed to the mass media- TV, Radio and Newspapers, titled: Incarceration and denial of fair justice to Nigerian prisoners in New Delhi India read as follows: In India, a new Delhi Trial court judge, Mr Deepak Garg of Patiala House court, is currently fighting Nigerian inmates in his court by sentencing them to 10 years imprisonment on fake drug cases without any proof. So far, 10 Nigerians have been unlawfully sentenced to 10 years imprisonment with a fine of RS 100,000 ( & 1,700 ).  It is an act of  cruelty against humanity and ,a judicial misconduct, a travesty and the miscarriage of justice ” the inmates lamented.

According to them,  the inmates have complained to  higher judiciary authorities to review their defence  arguments and his judgements and to  investigate reason  behind this ongoing  misconduct but they were  adamant over their plea as helpless prisoners. The Nigerian inmates in Tahar Jail further alleged that the Nigerian  High Commission in New Delhi does not care about its citizens in  prison, does not visit  or support them materially and does not investigate into their cases.  The SOS also stated that some Nigerian inmates have died in Tihar Jail due to long trials duration and denial of justice,  citing Mr Alozie Iwu Onyedinma as an example.  “Many Nigerian prisoners have been undergoing trial for  more than five years without judgement”,  they said. The Prisoners maintained that there is a high rate of human rights  abuse, police brutality and illegal arrests of Nigerians in  New Delhi.  Prisoners  of Nigerian  nationality are pleading and appealing to India and Nigerian governments to look into all these matter,, especially  the denial of justice in their court to ensure fair and impartial  administration of justice to them,  said the release.

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