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February 24, 2017

Mac-Tony Iwuoha offers free Medicare to Ehime people

Hundreds of residents in Umudimokoro, Umualumaku Umueze Autonomous Community, Ehime-Mbano Local Government Area received free medicare outreach from Arc. Mac Tony and Dr. Mrs. Ejiro Caroline Iwuoha in a two-day exercise organized by the duo as part of their humanitarian support and aid to people with diverse health challenges.

The patients who cut across age brackets were subjected to scientific tests and laboratory analysis by the Medical Outreach Team which comprised Pediatrics, Ophthalmologists, General Health Practitioners, Nurses, Consultant Gynecologists and other health support professionals, provided free medications after thorough examinations and tests.



Medical challenges handled included: blood analysis, urinary test, sugar test, Blood Pressure checks, malaria, typhoid and other health challenges. The two day free Medical out-reach programme was attended by a large number of people, some apparently lacking knowledge of their debilitating health conditions. Some of the patients who did not know that they were hypertensive or diabetic, were taught on healthy food habit, intake and foods to avoid because of their precarious conditions.

Some patients with delicate and serious conditions were referred to places where they will access medicare and support. Drugs and Health Education were administrated on all who were lucky to partake in the exercise.

The Leader spoke to Dr. Mrs. Ejiro Iwuoha on the motive behind, the exercise.

According to her, the free medicare programme was meant to bring succour to the suffering masses with health challenges and conditions, especially at the present economic recession. She expressed worry that most people suffering diverse ailments lack basic knowledge of their health conditions and lack the resources to facilitate cure.

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Mrs. Iwuoha observed that the programme is her little way of appreciating God for His goodness and blessings. She promised to expand the scope of the coverage in subsequent exercise.

In his contribution, Arc. Mac-Tony Iwuoha, PDP Chairman, Ehime-Mbano LGA, posited that the exercise has no political motive. He said that he paid the huge bill on the exercise so as to touch lives positively during the yuletide because “Health is Wealth”. He observed that “when health is lost, all is lost”. According to him, only a healthy person will be capable of being productive and happy to celebrate Christmas and make merry with others. .

He implored all public spirited individuals to help put smiles on the faces of people as hardship and economic recession diminishes human value. He expressed appreciation to the medical personnel who helped to make the programme a huge success.


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