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March 23, 2017

Ezeship tussle in Obosima – Ohaji may boil again, Government should intervene

Crises in Ohaji have claimed so many lives amidst tension resulting to food shortage and militancy in the entire state. This was not only caused by Ezeship tussles and crises but by the undemocratic tendencies of the powers that be on issues affecting the communities. In each case the mafia so glorified until “the come come came”.

Regrettably the mother and the worst of these crises loom high in Obosima Autonomous community. The community is accommodating more than 70% of those displaced by similar crises in Ohaji. Any crises therefore will be calamitous.

Barely 24 days after the memorial service of their late Eze P.C. Onyeakwu, the Ohanyere 1 on the 18th day of December, 2016, the community government council presented on the 11th day of January 2017 his first son Prince Ngozi Onyeakwu as Eze elect of the autonomous community. This did not go down well with the people who came up with protest presentations. Nze Felix Oguchi, Nze Udo 1 of Obosima took the first turn and Engr. Marshal Okwuoha took the second. There are heavy insinuations that some people will still emerge. Its worthy of note that these presentations at the local government headquarters would have been done at home with one candidate emerging and thus the Ohanyere II.

There are numerous questions that are begging for answers; did the community government council declare the office of the Eze vacant giving official signal for another selection as not only required by the community constitution but by equity and good conscience. Did each of the ten constitutional villages select one Eze elect for a central screening committee? Was there even a central screening committee as a sign of democracy and due process?


The mafia instead constituted itself into an oligarchy negating all the provisions of the constitution and presented the Prince ironically as Eze Anoche I giving the impression of hereditary as a means of succession as they claimed on the day the Prince was presented thus him as Ezenaochie I, then Anochie II, Anochie III in a continuum. If the seed of time is anything to be looked into, what will be the best answer to be given to the son or any of the sons of the prince if they come to take their grandfathers inheritance their father having succeeded their grandfather.

The rising tension is as a result of the marginalization of not only other villages but those who are not within the corridors of power.

As the community rise in protest presentations and the balkanization into multi polars groups, we send this SOS to the government both at the state and local to read the handwriting on the wall for this is the beginning of crisis. The biblical Paul warned that “We should beware of false brethren who have crept in unawares to spy our liberty in Christ and entangle us with the affairs of this world”

The government should shout about turn to all aspirants ordering them back to their autonomous community where article 2 of the Ezeship constitution of the autonomous community as gassetted by Imo State Government will have full implementation and a single individual selected as demanded. Then the community has spoken.


Nnaemeka Crispin Obosima



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