The folly of man: Fool, when will you learn?

Serving As Useful Idiots

…There is nothing that is hidden that will not be made known

The synthesis of the philosophies of René Descartes and John Locke is that man has intellectual natural endowments called faculties which physical experiences enhance for ideas and knowledge. In other words, a mentally retarded person cannot handle ideas from physical things neither would any person excel having contacts with only physical things. i.e. without having natural dispositions and faculties.


It is God who predisposes man with natural abilities, and man cannot accomplish anything reasonably well without them. This helps us to understand the bible when it says that God created man and gave him power (Natural dispositions and thinking faculties) to increase, dominate and till the earth (cf. Gen. 1:27ff).


Thus, no matter how one tries to negate the work of God, his effect in human history and in one’s personal life cannot be over emphasized. It is with the natural endowments of God that man is able to accomplish the tasks he engages in.

Among many things man is able to produce and manufacture with his natural endowments are the monitoring and detecting devices of different types and purposes. This has to do with “display produced by a device that takes signals and displays them on a television screen or a computer monitor”.


The accomplishment of man that is ad rem here is the car security tracking system. This is the device that alerts one when one’s car is moved. With this a car’s acceleration is observed, its speed is known, the function of the car as well as its where about at any given, time can be traced. This will also make one observe whether an unauthorized person is handling the car or a genuine person. Moreover, the tracker device can help to detect the location of a stolen car, even when taken far away.


Another amazing detector that will help convey our message is the Night Vision Observation devices. The “Night Vision Binoculars Diana l0x”, for instance, can help one see clearly and observe clearly what is done in the darkest areas and from a reasonable distance. “Night Vision Binoculars Diana l0x are designed for ground observation and reconnaissance in natural night starlight, moonlight illumination or total darkness. They have high resolution and field of view and are capable of detecting low illuminated objects at distances up to 3000m”. This is awesome!!


The folly of man begins when man forgets that he is able to accomplish the enormous attainments with the thinking faculties and endowments given to him by his Creator or when he thinks that he has achieved what his Creator could not achieve. The Psalmist asks: He, who made eyes, does he not see? He who made ear, does he not hear? He who made thinking faculty, does he not think? Does he who gave man the ability to handle issues, to bring ideas into practical reality, to produce complicated things that include detecting devices mentioned above, not be able to do more than what man has done? If man is able to produce detecting devices of different magnitude, especially tracker which tells where a car is at a given time, how do you think that God does not know where you are? God is absolute Intelligence. He gave man only an infinitesimal part of his knowledge with which he has manufactured these things. One can then appreciate the fact that the things discovered or manufactured in this world are the prototypes of the things with God, the Master Creator. It is the foolishness of man that makes him think that he can do more than God who gave him knowledge. The Psalmist reiterates that in his foolishness, man lacks wisdom (cf. Ps. 53:1 and Ps. 14:1).


References like the ones above should cause anxiety because it is true, God knows man through and through. Surprisingly, some people think that they can hide from their Creator or feel that God does not see them or know their where-abouts or observe their engagements and behaviour. This is the folly of the highest order. If man is able to produce what receives information even in the darkest night and tracker that can help to detect things at a reasonable distance, then it is real that God who gave man knowledge knows man in and out. It becomes obvious too when God says that his eyes are on the ways of man (cf. Jer. 16:17). Hence, one should feel ashamed of himself when he engages in nefarious activities, when he kills and maims others, when he tells lies and practices injustice. The insensitivity of man, his cunning, his meandering, his falsehood should be a cause of concern to him because God sees and knows who is who and will definitely accord each person his reward according to his behaviour.


The vital questions are: When will man learn to appreciate things? When will he make atonements for his wrong doings? When will he make resolutions that will shape his life positively? When will he understand that his actions are visible in the sight of God? The bible opines that sparrows of little worth cannot fall down without the Creator knowing about it, an indication that God knows man more, understands his joys and pains as well as assists him when necessary (cf. Mtt. 10:2911). Man should not deceive himself thinking that he can hide from God.


Any reasonable person will try to impress his Creator in ways that range from appreciation of his natural endowments to the favours received thus far, from the discoveries enjoyed to the ones in potency, etc. This is a way that man will enjoy his life.


By Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Oparaugo

RECTOR, Assumpta Minor Seminary, Naze.




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