The Invasion of Igboland by Nigerian Army – A Ridiculous Mission
Nathaniel I. NDIOKWERE 



You come to the above conclusion, without much reflection when you consider absurdities that one finds “Only in Nigeria!”. Just one example: “NIGERIA’S UNITY IS NOT NEGOTIABLE!” And this testament was written and signed by two people, BUHARI and OJUKWU, and this time the venue was not ABURI, in GHANA, but in KATSINA, NORTHERN NIGERIA! The implication of this two-man agreement is that anyone that tampers with the sacred accord, the testament, must be ruthlessly deal with! Wow!
Recently, Philip Omenukwa, a young Nigerian writer, in a fine article wondered why people should describe Nigeria as a ZOO. No! Never! That is too complimentary a term! In a zoo, he explained there is perfect order. The tiger does not escape its camp to attack and devour the deer, the lamb, resting with their mothers in their own dwelling place! Visitors are well received and entertained. Some of the animals even welcome and  seem to laugh and enjoy the visitors’ frivolities. Everyone is protected and there is perfect peace and order. Philip tells those who describe Nigeria as a zoo that they are grossly mistaken and should go back to school. Nigeria is a JUNGLE, our author insists, though his ‘thesis’ is NOT entirely new. In the   jungle, it is free fight for the animal kingdom and inhabitants. Attack, fight, kill anyone you can subdue, strangle to death and eat, even though you may not be too hungry.
But sometimes the jungle, the purely animal kingdom can be well organized. The weaker animal families often organize, raise or form a fighting force to resist the menace of the kings  of the forests, the lions, the leopards, the tigers, the bulls and others. They often put up great fight, battle their enemies, the lions and tigers, that are often subdued, and with wounds, flee for their life!


“I will only add. Most people will stay in “ABROAD” and be screaming Biafra and war… now our people are dying.”(By anti-BIAFRAN Igboman; name withheld)
No doubt there are many Igbos who like,  the fellow above have been rejoicing, and joyfully, that the BIAFRAN agitators have been silenced by the Northern Nigerian brutes, called soldiers. No! No atom of civilized behavior! No atom of military code of conduct; just typical JUNGLE mannerisms. Of course the entire civilized world, United States of America and Europe are aware that Nigeria is another troubled spot on the planet and that ISLAM will certainly provoke a nuclear war in this century.  The West knows that the Nigerian terrorist group BOKO HARAM is worse than ISSIS and the so-called federal forces are not different from BOKO HARAM. They fire at women, children, they rape women, they steal, they ransack homes and what else!
They are trained and committed jihadists . And that was how it all began in 1966. A little ‘provocation’, they went  into rampage. That was how Nigerian ‘soldiers’ massacred thousands of West Niger Igbos at ASABA before Western journalists, and reported  in the western press with horrible images, Some heads of governments and human rights organizations called for the arrest of YAKUBU  GOWON and recommended for his trial in the international court of The Hague! Gowon denied of giving the order for the genocide!


Surely the world is watching and fully alert and disturbed at what is happening and how the IGBO RACE is being humiliated and treated by the age-long enemy that had sworn to put the race out of existence! Today over 80% of people of the world possess at least one important device called cellular phone. And no atrocity committed by Nigerian hordes will go unrecorded and as well reported. Some LIVE on the social media.
Many world leaders and human rights organizations will ask questions.   See how the uncivilized are leading her citizens in the modern world!
At the end of the Nigeria-Biafra War in 1970, it was the timely intervention of the Pope Paul VI that prevented the Nigerian well-armed men, ravaging jungle men in army uniforms from decimating the Igbo people. The pope warned both Nigerian political and ecclesiastical leadership, they would be held responsible for any further loss of Biafra lives in the genocidal war!  Other world leader spoke out and warned Nigerian government!  They did not accomplish their evil desires under GOWON. Surely this is a continuation of the jihadic exercise under the most hateful General called Muhammad BUHARI, surely thousand times more vicious than Yakubu Gowon.


NNAMDI KANU, arrested or not Biafra,  is not finished . My response to the anti-Biafran Igboman:
“It is not absolutely necessary for every BIAFRAN to be PHYSICALLY present in Igboland in order to contribute to any type of task. During the first BIAFRA Revolution Igbos abroad played very significant roles in the struggle ; money, political propaganda and diplomatic support . It is RIDICULOUS to think that everyone , every Igbo citizen should be a soldier in the battle field if it comes to that.”



Assessing the activities of NNAMDI KANU and IPOB, Nigeria’s BUHARI government and its police, army and other so- called security agents must remember, at this stage of SECOND BIAFRA REVOLUTION  that resistance to apartheid within South Africa took many forms over the years, from non-violent demonstrations, protests and strikes to political actions and eventually to armed resistance. Government intervention in peaceful rallies and protests IN SOUTH AFRICA brought about the escalation of the ‘war’ between WHITES AND BLACKS! The African National Congress ( ANC ) organized a mass meeting in 1952, and government broke up the meeting and arrested 150 people, charging them with high treason. Tension began to build up.
In 1960, at the black township of Sharpesville, THE POLICE OPENED FIRE ON A GROUP OF UNARMED BLACKS, associated with the ANC. At least 67 blacks were killed and more than 180 wounded. Sharpesville convinced many anti-apartheid leaders that they could not achieve their objectives by peaceful means, and hence ANC established its military wings.
By 1961, most resistance leaders had been captured and sentenced to long prison terms or executed. NELSON MANDELA, a founder of the military wing (“Spear of the nation”) of the ANC, was incarcerated from 1963 to 1990; his imprisonment would draw international attention and help garner support for the anti-apartheid cause.
In 1976, when thousands of black children in Soweto, a black township outside Johannesburg, demonstrated against the Afrikaans language requirement for black African students, the POLICE OPENED FIRE WITH TEAR GAS AND BULLETS. The protests and government crackdowns that followed economic recession drew more international attention to South Africa and shattered all illusions that apartheid had brought peace or prosperity to the nation. The United Nations General Assembly had denounced apartheid in 1973, and in 1976 the UN Security Council voted to impose a mandatory embargo on the sale of arms to South Africa. In 1985, the United Kingdom and United States imposed economic sanctions on the country.
Under pressure from the international community, reforms began and a new constitution, which enfranchised blacks and other racial groups, took effect in 1994, and elections that year led to a coalition government with a nonwhite majority, marking the official end of the apartheid system.


First  elected in parliament in 1948, Botha was an outspoken opponent of majority rule. It was due to international pressure that his administration agreed to make concessions towards political reform, whereas internal unrest saw widespread human rights abuses at the hands of the government. Botha resigned the leadership of the ruling National party in February 1989 after suffering a stroke and six months later was coerced to leave the presidency as well.
 F. DE KLERK replaced him. In F de Klerk’s 1992 REFERENDUM, BOTHA campaigned for a No vote and denounced De Klerk’s administration as irresponsible by opening the door to BLACK MAJORITY RULE. In early 1998, when Botha refused to testify at the Mandela Truth and Reconciliation Commission,  he was fined and given a suspended jail sentence for CRIMES AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTS. The sentence was overturned on appeal.  Shortly before his death in late 2006, he renewed his opposition towards egalitarian democracy in favour of a CONFEDERATE  system based upon the principles of “separate development”.(Here BUHARI IS OPPOSITE of BOTHA – “No Confederation”! “Nigerian unity not negotiable”   (BOTHA – “White go your way! Black go your way!”)
It was during  the years of his incarceration at Robben Island, a period of 26 years that Mandela rose to become the symbolic leader of black South Africa. Meanwhile, Mandela’s one-time ideological ‘contrast figure’, South Africa’s white president, F.W. de Klerk put into place reforms that brought an end to his country’s decades-old policy of racial segregation, called apartheid.


What are Nigerian soldiers doing at Aba, Umuahia, at NNAMDI KANU village? Why are they shooting sporadically, and many Biafrans in far away North Korea, Cambodia and Turkey, USA and Europe are hearing the sound of gun fire and military invasion of unarmed villagers. What are the Nigerian military, foot soldiers, Air Force and marine, doing in the village with tanks and armored cars; when they could not face BOKO HARAM surrounding and routing them in the North East of Nigeria, where these terrorists have captured the vast territories  and declared an independent Caliphate! Wow! Wonders will never end!
There were many Black South African political leaders those days, why was it NELSON MANDELA that came to the spotlight. He remained in prison for 26 years! And NNAMDI KANU has served only 2 years! But it seems that events are moving faster with Biafra. Most Igbos and Biafrans abroad are so far doing great job sensitizing the international community, holding rallies and peaceful protests. It was same 1967-1970. What Biafran students in WEST GERMANY did those days, fought most aggressively than those at home, may still be found  on records!
Some Biafran friends in Europe have already started talking! For Biafra, there is no going back. But Biafran Youths you have been seriously warned to stay out of trouble. Your untimely death will not contribute anything please. Many elderly Biafrans have advised for caution, “diplomacy”; though others are skeptical, everyone must stay out of trouble. Civility is not sign of submission to unjust system of governance . Igbos say “UKPALA OKPOKO BUURU; NTI CHIRI YA” ( A word is enough for the wise!)  Whether the Nigerian  military will stay put at ABA, or in NNAMDI KANU village  or occupy the entire BIAFRALAND, only time will tell; but who will be courageous enough to advise them to shield their swords and withdraw!


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