Fighting crime as a collective responsibility

Fighting crime as a collective responsibility

Until recently, the task of fighting crime was regarded by most Nigerians as none of their business. They believed that since security agents are paid to combat crime, the common man should not be bothered. People only get perturbed when they are personally involved. For that reason, providing the police with helpful tips that could lead to the apprehension of culprits was not popular. Fortunately, in recent times, things have changed for the better, especially in Imo State. This innovation and strategy has started to pay off.

Recent activities by the police in apprehending those who murdered Rev. Fr. Cyriacus Onunkwo of Orlu Diocese and the kidnappers of the gospel singer, Mr. Chinedu Nwadike are quite commendable. The speed with which they picked up the culprits is amazing. The arsenal of sophisticated ammunitions discovered by the police tells how dangerously armed and equipped the criminals are.

The whistle-blowing policy of the Nigeria Police Force seems to be paying off. It encourages the public to give useful information on crime and in return get some reward. We want to commend the hardwork and doggedness of the Imo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Chris Ezike, who has demonstrated courage and passion in the discharge of his duty. His strategy of involving the general public is worthy of praise and is gradually restoring trust in the police. It is heartening to note that within the past few weeks, he has convinced everybody that the police is ready to work if given the support.

We commend the  Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) and the Anti-Kidnapping Unit of the police for their professionalism, dedication and cooperation. This actually shows that, “The police is a friend” slogan is real, as they are living up to it. What has happened in Imo State in the recent weeks shows that the police is not just a person who stays at check points to harass, intimidate and abuse road users.

Those policemen who collude with criminals or divurge the tipoff confided in them by informants, sabotage efforts to combat crime. We urge the police service commission to flush out such unpatriotic elements from the system.

We appeal to the public to change their perception of the police as it will encourage them in their onerous duty of fighting crime.

We commend the police commissioner for rewarding the gallantry of those who merited it. The operatives should not lose sight of the fact that the reward for hardwork is more work and therefore should not rest on their oars.


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