Anger in Marriage

Anger in Marriage


Anger has rendered many marriages meaningless. Anger brings about the downfall of a marriage. To a layman, anger is the strong feeling that you have when something has happened that you think is bad and unfair.


This strong feeling however, pushes you to act irrationally which often results in regrets afterwards. This phenomenon is generally the bane of most marriages. There is need for spouses to develop and build anger resistance therapy.


A wedding once took place few years back and the young beautiful expectant couple embarked on their honeymoon. The duo arrived the choice hotel of their honeymoon. After some relaxation in the bar, they decided to retire for the day.


Sooner had they entered their hotel room than the wife suggested that they had their bath and retire for the day. The husband opined that she should bathe first. As a good wife, she obeyed, but decided to brush her teeth before the bath. While she was taking her toothbrush and paste, she decided to ask her husband a question that just occurred to her, she inadvertently put the paste on the brush while talking to her husband.


The husband on sighting that, told her not to press out the paste from the middle of the paste tube rather she should press the tube at the bottom. The wife insisted that she was doing it the right way and immediately an argument ensued.


The hot tempered or angry husband could not hold it anymore; he lost his cool as a gentleman and hit his wife on the face. The other party in frustration could not hold it any longer, a fight ensued. The duo fought to an extent that the hotel management had to be alerted they were swiftly ejected from the hotel in just about minutes.


This was how a marriage of about a couple of hours was annulled because they could not manage their temperament and eventually went for a divorce. Suffice it to say that ‘anger’ has done more harm than good. In fact, nothing good comes from being angry.


It is however in our best interest to learn how to manage our anger in our respective marriages before it ruins us.


Husbands, wives, please be cool headed towards your spouse. Yes, we know that it is not easy but with gentility, we can stand firm and be on our feet to say no to anger even when it stares on our faces.


You can seek for therapy on how to manage your anger and above all, for our intending husbands and wives; please, before engaging in a marriage, work on your temperament because it could mar your marriage.


I wish you all a happy married life as we learn avenues to curtail our anger.


Mrs. Nina Achuga





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