Mothers, Husbands and Children



Mothers in the house are the soul mate to their husbands, they are meant to be together more than bloodily related individuals. Once legally married, the bible says they become one instead of two. They are expected to be like Mary and Joseph the holy family, with more love and one understanding. Husbands are very important in the house and they are the prestige and pride of their wives.

As mothers have Virgin Mary as their role model, they should always emulate her and her virtues. Mary was an embodiment of God’s Love. She was very obedient and accepted Gods call and work without looking back. Her husband Joseph was not rejected nor neglected because she was carrying the savior “Jesus Christ” rather she loved her husband and served him very well as wife should.  Mothers are expected to show their husband the best of love even when found wanting, rather than quarrelling and disrespecting or trying to kill them as happening today in the society and globally. As mothers serve their husbands with true love, they are serving God under them and their husbands are expected to reciprocate with agape love.

Mothers are whatever they are in the family, society and church through their husband. They are leaders, pastors, politicians, and Christian mothers through their husband   and therefore should be humble and obedient to them. Mary took Joseph a Carpenter as he was and never compared him with other men. Do you compare your husband with another man? Mother Mary understood Joseph very well and was never discouraged for one day. Do you know your husband very well? Are you discouraged for the man you married?

Mothers should always be moderated in their requirement like Mary their role model. Mothers should dress properly and shorn indecent dressing, always cover their bodies and hair very well to the glory of their husbands. They should be very submissive to their husbands in order to attract their love. The two should be one heart and soul through mutual communication and understanding. They should share their love together, discuss problems together, speak together, listen to each other at all times. Women should know that “the good in a woman blinds the man in Love” do not allow the third party into your marriage, do not refuse one another, it is always annoying to see couple going side by side yet living in one room without good communication. (Secrete Divorce)

Although there are still unmanageable husbands who cannot be pleased no matter the effort. Nothing from their wives is good for them, yet mothers are expected to do their best, show agape love to each other and emulate what is good. If mothers are full of God’s grace, there is nothing God cannot do for them. Do not allow hatred into your family, for it ruins the family say no to it.

Mothers should always be hard working in bringing food to the family and support to their husbands. They should not be idol and lazy especially these days, things are very difficult, always contribute to the growth of the family.

Mothers especially are their children’s role model, be ready at all times to give your children the best, give them good manners from infancy. Mother should teach their children good habits and direct them very well so that they will not go astray. Teach them good habits so that when they grow up, they will not depart from them. Show them the way to Gods Kingdom from childhood. Teach them Church Doctrines. Mothers and their husband should put heads together to train their children well. Do not allow bad eggs to spoil the good ones. Mothers are basic to the lives of their children; they should always represent Christ and Mary, change for better and best to help their families, churches, and society. Husbands should love the wives they married at their youthful age, do not hate them, “Ugwo di Adighi mma” Di bu Ugwu Nwanyi, Nwanyi bu mma di ya na umu ya. “Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you” (Eph 5: 23, 1 Peter 3:3-6, Job 31:15, Ps 128: 3, Genesis 3:16, Proverbs 31:16, 24)


By Lady Elekwa Chidinma  – St. Michael Parish Amkohia Urata



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