Mothers and us

It's Mother's Day Catholic Women celebrating in Owerri.
It's Mother's Day Catholic Women celebrating in Owerri.


Catholic women in Nigeria are today celebrating this year’s Mother’s Day. Today is a special Sunday set apart by the church to honour mothers and motherhood, by celebrating their virtues.

Everyone of us, no matter how sophisticated, educated, rich or poor, is born of a woman and has enjoyed the sweet love and care of a mother. So to all of us, motherhood is a special gift. Even though the father (man) is the head of the family, God so positioned our mothers to be the pivot and nerve centre of every family. They are the pivot on which the wheel of the family revolves.

The presence of the mother in the family brings a joy that is so natural. She brings and keeps everybody together. Being a precious ornament to the husband and joy to her children, she is able to blend the family together. Nature endowed our mothers with so much strength, patience, endurance and sense of care, and all these qualities are obvious when you enter any family.

As a wife, she is to the husband a source of pride and encouragement and as a mother; she is a role model, confidant and motivator to her children, thus becoming the engine house of the family.

When these virtues are functional in a mother, she is able to blend the family in a mystical way, as the sense of love she inspires permeates through every member of the family. That explains the reason why most times it is the mother who brings and restores unity and love in the family.

On this occasion of Mother’s Day celebration, we want to thank our mothers for all the work they do, often under difficult circumstances to keep the family together. It is for all this that other members of the family are expected to make mothers feel special on a day like this, and let them know that their sacrifices are appreciated.

It is unfortunate though, that these virtues appear to be disappearing or getting eroded in some modern-day families, where some mothers are too posh to push for these alluring virtues mothers are known for. Sadly many are losing the sense of care for and that soft touch that only mothers can bring. Many have become too busy and give little time to the family. For some of our mothers, anything can go. That sense of morality is no longer being inculcated on the children. Such permissive attitude and recklessness, is turning out children who lack the sense of that is right and wrong.

Such women care less whether other members of the family attend Mass or not, go to confessions or receive the Holy Communion. Because they don’t care, the children won’t be bothered on these issues.

Motherhood is a calling from. Any mother who appreciates that motherhood is a divine call which attracts God’s blessings, would resist the temptation of engaging in anything that would deny of their care and love.

It is most disheartening to find that some mothers have become so involved in partisan politics that they serve politicians more than their husbands and their political parties more than their children. Needless to say that involvement in church or sodality work by a mother is not sufficient excuse not to care for her husband or children.

Mother’s Day provides opportunity for sober reflection for our mothers to re-examine their how much fit for purpose they are.

We appreciate all our mothers and wish them a happy Mother’s Day and God’s blessings.




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