Nze Romanus Okorobia goes home



Rev. Fr. Anthony Dieme, Parish Priest, St. Joseph Catholic Church Umualumaku, Ehime Mbano LGA celebrated the Eucharist at the funeral Mass of late Nze Romanus Nwehie Okorobia on Friday March, 2018.

In his homily, Rev. Fr. Augustine Obilor posited that we have only two most important days in the life of anyone, the date of birth and day of death. He harped on the inevitability of death which levels the rich, the poor, the aged, the young, women and the men.

According to him, people preoccupy themselves with things of the world, while life is ephemeral. He expressed worry that Christians rely mostly on the grace of

God: Fail to keep the commandments, worship and magnify Him as true Christians.

“People preoccupy themselves with earthly possessions, cars, beautiful houses, women; riches that help them junket around the world and display opulence”. He warned that if Christ comes, families will be wiped out as it will become a direct affair between man and his creator.

The homilist postulated that man posses limited knowledge. He noted that after all the struggles for material possessions and craves for worldly inheritance without heavenly treasures, all is lost.

Fr. Obilor observed that he knew the deceased as a peace maker, a devout Christian and a man who nutured his family with good Christian ethos. He commiserated with the bereaved family, admonishing them to constantly pray for the repose of their late father.

Aged 83, deceased Nze Romanus Nwenie Okorobia is survived by Mr. Athan Okorobia (first son), Mrs. Philomena Ukah, Mrs. Martimi Njoku, Innocent, Ambrose, Jonas, Tobias Okorobia, 30 grand children and 18 great grand children, among others.

Late Nze Romanus Okorobia was born on the 6th January 1935 to late Okorobia Kpadobi and Elizabeth Ugadie of Alaiyi, Umudibia, Umualumaku Umueze, Ehime Mbano LGA. Athan Okorobia, first son of the deceased, in a biography described his late father as an industrious man, a disciplinarian, a generous counselor and a community leader who never absented himself from communal and religious services.

Dignitaries present at the funeral induded: Sir, C. E. Nwoke, Chief Eugene Osuagwu, Engr. Austine Abaneme, His Royal Highness Eze & Ugoeze Sir, C. U. Okoro (Aku I), Chief Damian Njoku, (Traditional Prime Minister), Nze Benedict Nwanevo, Chief I. A. Osuagwu. Chief Tobias Ezeji, Chief Marcel Ogoke, Nze Virgilus Esilonu, among others.




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