Orlu Diocese: Learn to sacrifice for others – Fr. Idimogu tells Christians

Rev. Fr. Bede Idimogu


Christians have been urged to imbibe the spirit of applying whatever talents and riches given to them by God to the well-being of others, as well as the society.

The Parish Priest of St. Joseph’s Church Umuna in Orlu L.G.A, Very Rev Fr. Bede Idimogu gave the admonition while delivering a homily during the Easter Sunday Holy Mass in his parish. He told Christians to sacrifice whatever they can for the sake of evangelization, as it helps to build their relationship with God.

He stated that in our society today, both the old and young have something to contribute to the progress and uninterrupted development of our country. The cleric emphasized on the importance of unity among groups and societies across the country, stressing that where unity abides, there one can find progress.

Fr. Idimogu noted that the triumphal, entry of Christ into Jerusalem marks the beginning of the Holy week, which calls for total abstinence from sin by all.

According to him, it also marks the journey of Christ to the cross. He said that Christians use the period to draw near to God, make peace with fellowmen as well as to participate fully in all the activities marking the celebration of the passion, death and resurrection of Christ.

Fr. Idimogu advised all to seize the opportunity to give alms to the less privileged around them and cautioned them not to yield to people’s discouragement from helping those in need, even when the person does not show appreciation. He reminded them that whatever they give to the poor is given to God.

The homilist pointed out that Christ trial, death and resurrection brought salvation to mankind.

He added that if Christ did not resurrect, there would be no Easter Sunday and our faith as Christians will be useless.

He was optimistic that those who remain faithful and sustain their hope in God will be victorious as Christ has defeated all powers of darkness and death through the resurrection.




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