GENERAL ACHUZIA: Great Spirit They Could Not break!



(A Tribute)

When last I saw General Achuzia at the Hospital, I had observed “His breath is strong and steady!” A strong and steady Spirit is a fair encapsulation of who Odogwu Achuzia; Ogbueshi naabo, was.

Achuzia strongly and steadily sacrificed his comfort and life for what the Ahiara Declaration, which he like General Emeka Ojukwu, whose alter ego he was, strongly believed in, had styled “A republic where the Blackman can stand proud”. For this principled stand, everything was done by adversaries to break his spirit. Achuzia died a model to Igbo youth, Biafran youth and all youths of Black Africa of “The Man They Could Not Break!” Indeed an admiring youth had described him as such, and I concur.




Two kinds of prominent people pass through Igbo society during their Ijeuwa…the cosmic journey called Life. One is Okeozu; the mighty corpse…the materially rich. The other is Okemmadu…the great beauty of life; the spiritually great human being. Achuzia was Okemmadu! He has well merited to be welcomed immediately by the ancestors…Ndichie, as he joins them in the Spirit realm, to advocate the well-being of those they left behind…their Ofo.

Achuzia had blown the Bridge across the Niger, to save his people at war. Achuzia became a Bridge across the Niger; uniting his people after war. Odogwu Achuzia’s body belongs to Asaba; to Onishe, the great lady he so revered. His Spirit belongs to Ibo Granmoun…Mother of Nations…guardian of the Life and freedom of the Black race. May his Ijeuwa remain glorious!


Chidi G Osuagwu, PhD

(Secretary, SCEIPOB)




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