Don’t mind politicians, Nigeria still in a mess

Rev Fr Dr Francis Nwaiwu
Rev Fr Dr Francis Nwaiwu


While millions of Nigerians are suffering untold hardship, going to bed hungry and working without pay, the government is busy congratulating itself, claiming that things are getting better, that recession is no more.


The truth is that Nigeria is still in a mess. Things are getting worse. The only people smiling in the country today are the political elite and their businessmen collaborators.

Rev. Fr. (Dr.) Francis Nwaiwu, Supreme Chaplain, Knights of St. Mulumba, dropped this hint in his homily during Mass for the Owerri Metropolitan Council held at Mulumba Hall Owerri on Saturday.

“As millions of Nigerians wallow in abject poverty, the politicians in power live in opulence, erecting magnificent mansions and palaces in the cities and driving latest exotic cars. Since they are not sharing in the sufferings of the masses, they now believe that things are getting better.

“Civil servants, teachers, and pensioners are owed several months salaries in some states. Many have also lost their means of livelihood following demolition exercises going on in some states. Cost of transport has gone up astronomically just as cost of foodstuff. Yet, the government is congratulating itself that things have changed, that recession is over.”

Recently, a governor in one of the South-East states boasted that his state was the fastest developing state in Nigeria. He pointed at beautiful buildings, hotels, business centres, malls etc springing up in the capital city of the state as evidence that the economy of the state is buoyant.

Fr. Nwaiwu said the buildings, hotels and other business outfits are owned by people in government and their relations and such projects do not reflect the economic reality on ground.

The Supreme Chaplain said Nigeria’s problems are beyond the politicians saying only God can solve our problems.
He observed that the prevailing hardship could affect our Christian and family lives, and even membership of the Order of knighthood as many brothers and sisters may not meet their financial obligations to the Order.

Fr. Nwaiwu, a priest of Umuahia Diocese, advised Knights and Ladies to use the prevailing hardship to learn how to support one another.

“Be sensitive, be sympathetic, Many people are carrying problems that may weigh them down,” the priest observed.
He however advised such people not to withdraw to themselves by absenting themselves from Sub-Council meetings and other activities of the Order; reminding them that interactions during meetings may help them to know that they are not alone in their situation and they may also get information about how to solve their problems during meetings.

Later in his address, the Oweri Metropolitan Grand Knight (MGK), Prince Eugene Emeakaroha tasked members on spirituality and deep knowledge of Catholic doctrines.

“It is prudent to constantly update our knowledge of what we believe in and impact same on to others.

“We must inculcate in our families the habit of saying the Rosary daily and continually seeking the face of God even when we don’t have challenges of life.

“We must make use of the sacraments to grow in the grace of God and also attend Mass as often as we can.”
Prince Emeakaroha also highlighted the noble idea of assisting the less privileged; including “our indigent brothers who for reasons of adversities of old age or sickness can no longer meet up with their financial obligations to the Order.”




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