Now is time to pray!

Immaculate Conception Catholic parish Amakohia celebrates Feast Day


There is no better time than now for Nigerians to pray harder and more fervently.

But when we say ‘pray more,’ we are not asking people to do nothing else than pray. Far from that! What we are saying is that there is an urgency to offer more prayers and petition God a lot more for the challenges we are facing; for there is a clear indication that evil is trying to overtake good in our land. We must work and pray!

May Devotion is a powerful weapon we can use to push back the forces of evil. We can dispel darkness with light through fervent prayers. We need to pray for divine intervention as well as ask God for the grace and wisdom to reclaim our nation. Through the rosary, let us solicit for the intercession of our blessed mother, Queen of Nigeria. God will hear the pleas from our mother, surely.

Needless to say, there is ugliness everywhere. Looking at the way things are going, one is frightened even to the extent of losing hope. All over the country, people are suffering, crying and dying. The innocent is being killed and clobbered to death, as never before. The so-called Boko-Haram terrorists ravaging the North East seem to have replicated themselves as Fulani Herdsmen in the middle belt, Benue, Nasarawa, Taraba and Plateau, mainly.

If the saying is true that, ‘what hasn’t reached you; hasn’t passed you,’ Nigerians in the non-affected states cannot and should not go to sleep with both eyes closed. This is because the enemy is nearby, fighting everyone and attempting to take over, one territory at a time.

Whether it is Boko Haram or Fulani herdsmen, the mission is the same – kill, take possession and dominate! But the surprising thing is that the Federal Government is telling us in no-uncertain terms that they do not have the answers.
Whether these herdsmen are Fulani or belong to a special breed trained by Libya, as President Buhari declared in the UK, what we want but are not seeing is a strategy to stop or subdue them.

However, without throwing up hands in defeat, we are asking the faithful to intensify prayers because, from the look of things, evil is planned against us. We are not suggesting, by any means, that God has forsaken us. On the contrary, it is because of a faithful few that God has not utterly destroyed our nation as he did Sodom and Gomorrah.

We recall the recent murder of two Catholic priests and 72 worshippers in a church in Benue, among many other killings in the same State, Nasarawa and Taraba, as well as the lukewarm response of our leaders. We recall the kidnap of innocent schoolgirls in Dapche and the fact that a Christian girl among them, Leah, is still being held by terrorists.

If this is not an assault on our faith, what is it?
There is so much insecurity in the land with economic woes, poverty and deprivation. We must take our May devotion seriously; intensify personal prayer, family Rosary. We must involve the children also. Jesus loves children and who knows? God may, for their sake, touch the hearts of our selfish leaders and give them the wisdom and courage to do things right.


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