Agriculture, panacea to unemployment, food sufficiency – Nze Acho Nwokorie

Feeding fishes in one of the ponds: Nze Acho Nwokorie in dispensing food to fishes in company of his son and farm hands
Feeding fishes in one of the ponds: Nze Acho Nwokorie in dispensing food to fishes in company of his son and farm hands


An agriculturist and business mogul, Nze Acho Valentine Nwokorie has advocated for proactive involvement of Nigerian youths and graduates in agriculture as a veritable platform for self enhancement, food security and solution to rising graduate unemployment.

Nze Nwokorie harped on the exigency of equipping graduates and youths with skills in the modern trends in fish farming, use of high-yielding seedlings and technical know-how in snail breeding, piggery, poultry, animal husbandry and farming generally.

According to him, people in regular employment could also avail themselves with opportunities which abound not only in farming but also in food processing like feed and palm oil production and food processing. He canvassed for involvement of youths, graduates, retirees and workers in planting of cassava, yams, vegetables, cocoyam, corn, plantain, potato, tomatoes and other food varieties for sustainable food sufficiency and generation of additional income that will help propagate better living condition.

He called for soft loans to be granted to youths and graduates from Agricultural Development Bank, and other Banks for human capacity building and provision of low interest loans to farmers and food processors. The Leader spoke with Nze Acho Nwokorie, native of Agbaghara Nsu, Ehime Mbano L.G.A. after facility visit to his vast expanse of farmlands, fish ponds and palm plantation, situated at Umuota-Agbaghara, Ehime Mbano L.G.A.

The business mogul manufactures fish meal, processes and dries harvest fish which are packaged for customers on demand. He is also involved in snail farming and piggery. The 1979 Biochemist, Nze Acho Nwokorie a graduate of University of Lagos cautions that the era of white collar jobs are over as graduates roam the streets in search of non-existent jobs.

Nze Acho opined that with food on the table, vices and criminalities will decrease because “a hungry man is an angry man”, he said. The Biochemist and Food Nutritionist who veered into agriculture about three years ago enjoined the youths, university graduates, unemployed and retirees to join hands in agriculture so that the country becomes self sufficient in food production. He urged all to join hands as agriculture is the only way to eradicate poverty, malnutrition, hunger and diseases.





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