Imo: Orlu should give other zones chance to produce next governor – Ejike Uche

Chief Ejike Uche KSJI (Dimkpasaa), UPP National Deputy Chairman, with Prof. Jerry Obi-Okogbuo KSJI, after funeral Mass for Ejike Uche's mother-in-law, Ezinne Francisca Njoku, at St. Paul Catholic Church Owerri, March 2. �


…Blasts Imo Government

Chief Chris Ejike Uche, Deputy National Chairman of the United Progressive Party, UPP has thrown his weight behind zoning in Imo State.

In an interview with journalists in Owerri at the weekend, Chief Uche said, “Anybody that does not believe in zoning should not clamour for Igbo presidency or talk of Igbo being marginalized in the country.”

“In the spirit of fairness and equity, no Orlu person should be given the mandate to become the next governor of Imo State. That is my stand and that of the majority of people from Orlu zone. Owerri and Okigwe should be allowed to produce the next governor, there are technocrats and intellectuals from these two zones, Orlu Zone therefore cannot continue to dominate the other two zones for any reason worth so ever,” Dimkpa Asaa who is from Orlu zone said.

On his advice to Imolites ahead of 2019 general election, Chief Uche urged them to be vigilant and not sell their birthright for a plate of rice. “We should not mortgage the future of this state in the hands of one man and his family. It is our civic responsibility to vote out bad leaders and vote in good ones with our PVCs.”

He said that what is happening in Imo State today had earlier been foretold by the late Senator Emeka Echerue who warned of the consequences of giving political power to Governor Rochas Okorocha, unfortunately we didn’t take his warning seriously.

On why he served as Commissioner under Governor Okorocha, Uche said, “As an accomplished technocrat I resolved with many other technocrats to come home and add value to governance and improve our people’s standard of living. I then joined forces with Governor Rochas Okorocha in ensuring that he emerged APGA governorship candidate and as well win the election which happened but in a short period of time, Governor Rochas Okorocha started manifesting his true colour and I quietly resigned my appointment as a commissioner after 6 months, to save my integrity.”

Dimkpa Asaa who apologized to Ndi Imo for identifying with Governor Rochas Okorocha from the beginning of his administration, alleged that Governor Okorocha has succeeded in rescuing his immediate family by acquiring properties indiscriminately but has failed in rescuing Imo State as he promised.

“Imo state has become one of the leading states with high debt profile and yet pensioners are not paid. These are people who served this state well but today they are being denied their entitlements by Governor Rochas Okorocha. Look at the continuous destruction of people’s properties without any form of compensation. Any person coming after him will have serious work to do because he has destroyed Imo State.”

Sir Uche also took a swipe at the Imo Government for going to court to secure an injunction to stop congresses held by APC in the state, wondering how a lawless government could proceed to a court of law to secure an injunction “It is an aberration of the highest order because it is on record Imo State Government has flouted several court orders restraining it from carrying out some actions.

On the kind of person Imo needs at this time to bring the state back on track, Dimkpa Asaa said, “Ndi Imo are in dire need of a good leader with a listening ear, a governor who will improve the living standard of Imolites and not impoverish them as it is the case today in Imo State, by Owelle Rochas Okorocha.

“Governor Okorocha is a feudal leader who sees Imo State as his fiefdom, and that is why he is desperate to install his son-inlaw as the next governor but I tell you that that agenda is dead on arrival. As a party chieftain of UPP, our party is poised to produce a credible candidate and same with other political parties in the state as Imo belongs to all of us and not Rochas and his family.”

On Governor Okorocha’s promise to outshine the first civilian governor of Imo State late Same Mbakwe, the UPP Chieftain quipped: “You and I have been in this state since 2011 when he came on board. To me, Governor Rochas Okorocha is far from achieving half of what late Sam Mbakwe achieved in his days and late Same Mbakwe remains the best governor Imo has ever had even with little resources at his disposal…”




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