Ohakim Warns Okorocha For Desecrating The House Of God

Rochas anointing Service
Rochas anointing Service


Former Imo State Governor, Ikedi Ohakim has taken a swipe at Governor Rochas Okorocha by posturing as a priest of the Most High God by anointing some sons and daughters who had gathered at the Government House chapel to worship their God.

Ohakim in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Collins Ughalla, described Okorocha’s action as a despicable act, stating that it is regrettable that the Governor who should have been a role model has become the worst example of what a governor should not be, by his steady decline into infamy.
Ohakim said “By impersonating the clergy, conducting anointing services and extorting the people, Governor Okorocha has become the biggest disgrace to Imo State, the Igbo nation, Nigeria and the entire black race. He cannot be allowed to destroy our Christian faith or disrespect the ordained, anointed and respected men of God after he had destroyed the traditional institution in the state.
The former Governor said never in history did an elected leader become the spiritual head of the people, stating that the Imo State Governor has made himself the head of all principalities and powers and challenged the authority of God
“He has danced where even the Devil feared to tread. This is a dangerous twist in the chequered history of Imo State with Okorocha who has transformed himself to being the head of everything in the State, including being the “head” of the Legislature where even members of the House kneel down before him, do obeisance and beg for mercy, the “head” of the Judiciary where he flagrantly disobeys court rulings and judgements, the “head” of the civil service where he has put the civil service and the entire bureaucracy in the state in his pocket, the chief contractor and the “head” of government finances. This is why the Governor has retired everything in the state to himself and cronies, because he deludes himself that he owns the state” Ohakim said.
He continued “Governor Okorocha’s penchant for mounting the pulpit on Sundays and preaching to the people instead or being preached to by ordained and anointed men of God, his recent anointing of the congregation and his claim that he is the spiritual head of the state is ignominy taken too far. It is despicable and an unprecedented affront on the ordained and respected clergy and Christianity everywhere in the world”
He called on the clergy, the Christian community, the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, the Pentecostal Fellowship pf Nigeria, PFN to rise up against the Governor’s affront on God, the Christian faith and the men of God.
“Imo people that in a very short time the Pharaoh and the Egyptian soldiers that torment them will not be seen again. When he is reelected in 2019 part of his core mandate would be to restore all that the “locusts” have eaten, including restoring our now bastardized value system. The traditional institution in the state will come back to life and our cherished Christian faith will regain its glory” Ohakim stated.




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