Suspected herdsmen or hired killers for real?

cattle colony


I vehemently disagree with and disapprove of the tagging of suspected hired killers (Terrorists) as herdsmen. In as much as our security has not been able to establish their culpability, shall we still trivialize a calculated attempt to wipe Christians out?

It would be recalled that the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) in reaction to this barbarism said: “Since the president has refused to call the Nation’s Security Agencies to order, we are left with no choice than to conclude that THEY ARE ACTING A SCRIPT THAT HE APPROVES OF. He (the president) should no longer continue to preside over the killing spree and mass graveyards that our country has become.”

I further read with disappointment, the Federal Government’s stand at the mass burial at Makurdi, May 22, 2018. Said our vice president: “Those who did the killings neither feared man nor God and prayed God to console the people and defend the state.”

Does this portray trust and future hope in terms of the security at stake? Is it not deceitful for our chief security officer to only rely on God for defense? Would the heartbroken mourners applaud him for such unrealistic and hopeless expression?

When shall we be set free from this re-occuring uncertainty? Little wonder the terrorists repeated their assault, just few hours after the speech. One would have expected the Federal Government to have apprehended the perpetrators before then and assured the mourners that such would never repeat. Is it not right time we stopped relying on false hopes?

It is a proven fact that our security agencies are the eyes with which the citizenry see in matters relating to security. So also do healers (doctors) serve same purpose to the sick. That is why a doctor (Physician) is regarded as qualified whenever he succeeds in using his diagnosis to cure his patients. Where a supposed two-eyed fellow misleads a blind entrusted into his care for guidance and in pretence tells that blind whatever he feels as cover-up; should that blind still continue to believe such falsehood? It is the absence of oil in a soup that can be told the blind and not absence of salt. How long shall we wait to call a spade its real name? When has our sacred places of worship become herdsmen fields or do the victims resemble grass or refuse meant for cows? It is very improper for one, whose doctor cannot detect his ailment, not to mention adequate cure, to still believe or regard such a doctor as qualified.

If we actually mean to stop these terrorist activities that started in a disguised form, we should rise to expose that agenda by referring to the culprits in their proper terminology – SUSPECTED HIRED KILLERS (TERRORISTS). Could it be that these terrorists are better equipped that has made them far

superior to our nation’s security? Where we fail to deal with this evil squarely now, time shall come when those behind the mask will play on our intelligence by twisting to another false name.
Were there no herdsmen and cattle rearing before the emergence of this administration? Who has ever seen a tribalistic and sectional rule like this government since our independence? Could it be why non-Muslims were denied sensitive positions from the onset? Who is sure that Christians would survive this Buhari-led administration? Why can’t government declare a state of emergency on security now? Why plan for 2019 elections while our house is on fire?

If one places the crime of looting and these terrorists on the scale, which will outweigh the other? If our president is not being hypocritical, let him first discipline his tribesmen, otherwise, he will end up scoring below zero (-1) at last in his fight against corruption.

If these terrorists remain unchecked before the party primaries, the idea of wasting the tax-payers money on INEC might seem ridiculous, as votes may not count. Government had better channel all its attention toward security of life and property.


Ken Bright Adams
A Human Rights Activist &
Public Opinion Analyst
Wrote from Owerri




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