Declaration of Senatorial Candidacy for Imo West (Orlu Zone) Senatorial Seat


On the Platform of All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA on this 27th day of May 2018, at Central School, Eziachi

By Professor Ukachukwu Aloysius Awuzie, Fnia, fslan, KSM

The last 19 years of democratic governance in Nigerian’s 4th Republic has had many people representing the zone as Senators. Each of them has played his role according to the best of his abilities and based on his motivation for seeking such a Position.

However, the narrative of their activities has not shown Orlu zone (Imo West) to have been represented by its best. It is from this group of people that academic qualification controversies dogged greater part of their tenure. It is from this our Orlu Zone(Imo West) that we had the first set of people who decamped to the ruling party without reference or recourse to their constituents or to the party that sponsored them to such an exalted position. It is also from this group that people revealed their true religious faith only after they had been voted into power. Again, based on internationally accepted standards for representation and the personal qualities of the representative, it is clear that Orlu zone has not been represented by its second eleven not to talk of its first eleven, in terms of their educational qualification and commitment to party ideals.

This narrative has to change and it is for this that I present myself to contest and be elected as the Senator representing Orlu (Imo West) Senatorial zone come 2019.

An objective perusal through my profile shows that I have good education, administrative and managerial experience. I also have outstanding charisma, a strong character and visibility at the international, national and state levels. And I have productively deployed these, in attracting and executing projects as ASUU President and Vice – Chancellor of Imo State University. These I will bring to bear on my legislative duties. I will use my international connections to attract assistance for addressing the myriad of problems facing Orlu zone in the areas of power, erosion menace, environmental degradation and regeneration, completion of abandoned federal government projects and most importantly in sourcing employment openings for our youths. I will work to ensure that all laws that inhibit women from attaining and exploiting to the fullest, their God given talents and potentials are reviewed and amended.

As a Senator, I shall ensure that all federal government allocations (particularly in those areas of joint federal and state funding) to my zone and indeed Imo state are properly monitored for the good of our people.

As one who believes in, and stands for justice, equity and fair play in the Nigerian federation, I will work with all patriots and stakeholders to ensure that Nigeria is restructured, that the federal government is saddled with only those responsibilities that belong to her as in many democracies such as Defense, External Affairs, National Security, the Economy and allow the states to carry on with the other functions. To achieve this, I shall work with my colleagues to ensure that a Conference of Ethnic Nationalities is convened to address the Nigerian Question or to get the 2014 CONFAB subjected to a National Referendum.

To ensure effectiveness as a Senator and for quality representation, I shall;
Institute a quarterly interactive session with leadership of our party, the elders of Orlu and our entire representatives at all levels of government in order to articulate and pursue the interest of Orlu zone in particular and Imo state at large.

Work with the APGA Governor of Imo state to ensure that there is justice, equity and fair play in the distribution of amenities and infrastructure…employment opportunities, appointments and dividends of democracy.

To this effect, I have already commissioned the production of a documentary of all federal government projects in Orlu zone (completed or abandoned) and the outcome shows that Orlu has not had its fair share. On election as your Senator, a comprehensive database of all unemployed youths and of all Orlu sons and daughters in federal establishments would be established. This database would assist us to develop employment strategies and opportunities for them in federal, state and private sectors. It will also enable assist those already employed attain the peaks of their careers. To achieve this, I shall establish a robust, functional and action oriented Constituency office to which our people would have access.

The Constituency office should also have a database of our consultants/experts and professionals, who could be reached for advise, consultation or appointments at short notice by the Senator.


Recent Developments in the Political Landscape of Imo State:
It is pertinent in this presentation to digress a bit and talk about the political developments in Imo state, arising from the last APC Congresses.

The last APC congress witnessed the emergence of a group of pseudo- patriotic/APC strongmen who united to checkmate the excesses and the grand plan by the Imo Emperor to impose his son-inlaw on Imo people as their Governor. While we commend this group for their action to “de – emperornize” the Emperor, Imolites should see their action for what it is – simply a class struggle for the soul of APC and for who continues from where Owelle stopped. It is totally borne out of selfish interest to acquire power by a section of a larger class that has held the masses and indeed the poor and down trodden Imolites in total bondage and abject poverty for the past seven (7) years.

They are obviously right in telling us now, belatedly, that the current Imo government has not been operating the APC Manifesto. When did they realize this? Was it just before the congress? They opined that their members in Imo House of Assembly have performed very poorly and that they needed to be recalled. According to them, part of the offence of those legislators was that they endorsed someone for the APC Gubernatorial slot. Did they not know that for the past 7 years, for instance, Imo House of Assembly had not carried out the budgetary process as is usual with democratic practice? Some of those complaining now were they not the speakers/members who left their legislative duties to become contractors, task force members, bitumen suppliers and transition committee chairmen? These Pseudo – patriots of APC, were they not there when salaries of Civil Servants were slashed, when pensioners stayed months without any salary, when markets were destroyed using thugs and hooligans, when peoples’ shops were locked for days and weeks, when peoples’ properties were destroyed without compensation, when our historic sites were destroyed and public lands in Alvan and Shell camp quarters were expropriated and shared? Were they not there when Nworie and Otammiri were being destroyed by perturbations on their watersheds? Were they not there when the landmark achievements of past administrations were being destroyed? Why were they silent all this while when they had such enormous connections and force to have called the Emperor to order. If it were possible for them to unite now, why was it not possible for them to unite earlier to fight the above ills that touched on the welfare and wellbeing of the poor and down trodden masses of Imo state. Of course we know the answer: these pseudo-patriots are beneficiaries of these anomalies, period!

The real reason why they are now agitated is that they perceive an eminent and palpable threat to their selfish political class ambitions/interests. They do not have the interest of the people at heart. It shows that they desire and want power for selfish ends, personal aggrandizement or protection of personal interests and investments. They see the masses only as the pawns in this chess game.

We of APGA know them for what they are and what they want and stand for. They want to continue with the present government character of impunity, non-adherence to the rule of law or application of due process in the transaction of government business. We as Imo people must rise against this charade.

We can do this only by registering and having our Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs), voting wisely and shunning the temptation of the politics of stomach infrastructure. We must vote and protect our votes and pray to God to save our state by giving us humane, selfless and God fearing leaders.

In this regard, I admonish true Imo patriots and all groups and stakeholders that truly care and have the interest of our people, the young and the old, the poor and the rich, the women and youth, the traders and artisans and indeed all good people of God to join APGA and vote for AGPA candidates now, so that we shall have the dawn of good governance in Imo state.

I shall lead the crusade for good governance in Orlu senatorial zone, and at all levels (federal, state and local government) if elected your Senator. I have by the grace of God done it diligently as ASUU President 2008 – 2012, and I can, by his grace do more if elected your Senator. I hereby with total submission to God and his grace and with utmost humility, declare my intention to run for the Orlu (Imo West) Senatorial Seat 2019.So help me God.




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