Obilobi Sir Oparanozie honoured by Holy Trinity Catholic Station Umuakali Naze

Obilobi Sir A.C. Oparanozie displays his award
Obilobi Sir A.C. Oparanozie displays his award

St. Jude’s Catholic Parish Naze, Owerri North LGA,, celebrated the feast of Holy Trinity on Sunday May 27, 2018. The Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Julius Anuonye celebrated the Holy Mass to mark the occasion at Holy Trinity Catholic Church Umuakali Naze.

Some parishioners who distinguished themselves in selfless services to the church were honoured at the occasion.
Earlier in his homily Fr. Anuonye said that “Holy Trinity” (Three persons in one God) is more than human understanding, as nobody can explain it. It is a mystery. He said there are five fingers in one hand but they are not doing the same thing (function), yet they are all important and if anyone disappears you will feel it.

While the Holy Trinity might be difficult to understand, God invites us to delve into his depths and discover the immensity and incomprehensibility of his love to us.

The priest sued for unity, peace and forgiveness among Christians, saying there is no development in a community where there is no peace and unity.

He admonished the congregation to shun discrimination and practice love, forgiveness and reconciliation even at the point of death. He recalled how Christ forgave the man at the cross promising to unite with him in heaven. He said that things that unite us are greater than those that divide us. He wondered why people relish in building walls of disunity, and fan embers of hatred, and ill among families.

He extolled those honoured and enjoined them to propagate peace and unity and ensure they live lives worth of the award. He also canvassed for respect for those honoured.

Among those honoured was Obilobi Sir A.C. Oparanozie as the Pioneer and one of the founders of the station church as well as his exemplary Christian life and contributions towards the growth of the church.




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