2018 World Cup …Pope prays for athletes, fan, organizers



Pope Francis looked ahead to a month of top class football during his General Audience expressing his hope the FIFA World Cup Russia will favour solidarity and peace among nations.

Pope Francis expressed his hope that the Football World Championship which began on June 14, will prove to be an occasion for “encounter, dialogue and brotherhood between different cultures and religions, and that it will favour solidarity and peace among nations.”

Speaking at the end of the weekly General Audience in St. Peter’s Square, on Wednesday the Pope prayed for the success of the event and sent his cordial greetings to the athletes and organizers, as well as to all those who will be following the event through the media,” an event, he said, that overcomes every barrier.

The “2018 FIFA World Cup Russia” which began on 14 June will end on 15 July. The game inaugurating the championship saw the host country Russia against Saudi Arabia.

On several occasions, the Pontiff has been very open about his love for football and the fact that he is a club member of the Argentine side, San Lorenzo de Almagro. He has also talked about how the sport can be used to build up unity, form virtue and break down division across the world.





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