Buhari’s buccaneers for 2019 Presidential election (1)



All those, including the monarchs of the South-east of Nigeria, as reported in the media, who egg on President Muhammadu Buhari to run for the presidential seat in 2019 are his buccaneers. They are of divers categories. We shall treat them in three distinct categories. The monarchs are in the first.

They are toothless bull-dogs. They can bark furiously. But they can’t bite. By their positions, they are not supposed to support any political party. Their utterances give considerable credence to the popular saying that Igbo enwegh eze. And by the way, their stools seek, strive, strain and stagger to survive in serving the whims and caprices of the government of the day.

The governor of the region is their master and they must magnify the master’s voice or face the ignominy of being de-stooled. What type of warped heritage is this? In terms of traditional matters, an Eze should, in fact, be superior to a governor! An individual freely and fairly selected by his community should be an epitome of integrity.

The governor is borne out of political process. And in the Nigerian situation you actually know what that means, don’t you? It is strange how the government has conspired, contrived and succeeded in subverting a traditional system, that is meant to serve, protect the people and uphold their good heritage, and reduced it to a mere stooge and instrument of manipulation. The types of Eze Njemanze who told off a military governor Amadi Ekweche in the well-known, sententious, ominous warning – nakwa echeki – are a far cry from the class of chorus singers parading as monarchs.

Prominent in the second category are the likes of Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo and former Governor Orji Uzor Kalu of Abia. Those buccaneer governors and those currently holding political powers can bark and bite. They have some measure of followers for good or ill.

Those in categories one and two are not as dangerous as the buccaneers in category three. And we have to watch out because their antics are deadly.

Anybody who truly loves Nigeria dearly, devotedly and disinterestedly knows that Buhari’s performance in his first two years is abysmally ignominious. He started wrongly. It took him some six months to name his cabinet. Just for the record, Donald Trump had his team ready before he was sworn-in. That’s a good example of a leader who has a clear vision and mission. Buhari was shuttling between Nigeria and Britain for his dear life.

He defied the Constitution he swore on oath to uphold when he appointed his kith and kin to strategic prime positions in utter negligence of the Federal character enshrined in the Constitution. His principal promises during his campaign are not honoured. The economy is hinged on borrowings from foreign creditors especially China.

The IMF now doubts the ability of the Nigerian government to pay the debts that are being owed. That the IMF has to express that fear speaks volumes. Buhari’s anti-corruption war, besides its being principally waged against the opposition has witnessed massive failures to convict suspects in the courts. The Transparency International Global Corruption Indicator informs that Nigeria has slipped from 136th to 148th position among 180 countries in 2017. The scathing, pejorative, descriptive phraseology of Nigeria by the former British Prime Minister, David Cameroon, as “fantastically corrupt” is no less damning as the US President Donald Trump telling Buhari in his face that “Nigeria has a massive reputation for corruption.”

The security situation in Nigeria is opprobrious and it lends a conclusive incontrovertible evidence that Buhari’s vision and mission is carefully couched in his dire interest in his tribe and religion. As the Life Patron of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, that is killing, maiming, raping and ravaging at will, Buhari’s taciturn disposition to those Fulani herdsmen labouring to expand their Fulani cattle regime in the Middle Belt and Southern states of Nigeria is manifestly eloquent. What further evidence is needed to posit that islamisation is part and parcel of the agenda? Boko Haram terrorists and Fulani herdsmen don religious garb. The macabre massacre of two Roman Catholic priests and seventeen worshippers at Morning Mass in Benue State, the raiding of a Catholic seminary in Jalingo, Taraba State by Fulani herdsmen, the killing of mourners returning from the mass burial of victims mowed down by Fulani herdsmen and the exclusion of Leah Sharibu from the 104 girls abducted from the Government Girls Science and Technical College Dapchi, Yobe State and returned on March 21, 2018, to Dapchi, make very palpable the religious dimension of Buhari’s mission. A total of 110 girls were abducted. One hundred and four were set free.

We are told that five of the hapless girls died in captivity. And till now we are not told of their identities. The only girl still detained by the terrorists is a Christian. At her abduction, she was 14 years. On May 14, 2018, Leah turned 15 years. She spent her birthday in captivity.

Buhari’s administration, which ruthlessly descended on IPOB and shi’ites, none of which has been proved to be a terrorist organization, has allowed Fulani herdsmen to overrun Nigeria.


On what condition did the terrorists release the other girls, keeping back the Christian among them? Did the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration know of the intention of the terrorists to hold on to Leah? How much was paid to secure the release of the other girls? How much more is needed to release Leah Sharibu? Do they want her to become a Moslem before she is set free?

Hear what Leah’s father, Nathan Sharibu, says: “It is very sad and the family is very weak; to be honest, I have not received any support from the government but from the community and the church members; I thank God because they have been encouraging me, lifting me through their prayers, visitation and words of advice. I have not heard anything from federal, state and local governments since my daughter was abducted. I am even confused now.”
The advocacy group, Bring Back our Girls (BBOG) has accused the Federal government of abandoning Leah’s family and the Dapchi community. Oby Ezekwesili, Aisha Yesufu and Florence Ozor, leaders of the group said that there was no reason why the arrangement made by the government to secure the other girls’ release should have left out Leah. “Our movement is extremely saddened and distraught on this 83rd day of her captivity, and the fact that the young teenager has had to mark her birthday in captivity with terrorists. It is unconscionable that the family, community, and the public have gotten no updates since the federal government made empty promises in March about prioritizing her return. We call on the federal government to return her immediately. There is no reason any arrangements with the terrorists should have left her out, in the first place.”

We have tried to present the facts about the heart-rending incidents in Buhari’s administration. Let us now turn to the dramatis personae in the buccaneer affair.


Mr. Ibrahim Magu is the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC. It is well-known that the anti-corruption war of President Buhari protects those close to him. Former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Mr. David Babachir Lawal, whom Buhari was forced to dismiss from office for alleged corruption is still being shielded from EFCC almost a year after his dismissal. We are still “investigating” him is the Fabian tactics terminology to give Lawal an indefinite lease. And Lawal’s prote’ge’ and kinsman, Mr. Boss Mustapha was hurriedly brought in to replace him. Because of the modus operandi of the EFCC, those in the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, who have skeletons in their cupboards join Buhari’s All Progrssives Congress, APC. And surprisingly, they have the effrontery to describe PDP as a party of “looters”, because they know pretty well that to demonise their Party’s main challenger to power is to form a strong strategic synergy for Buhari.

Magu has struck fear in the camp of the opposition because he will quickly go after anyone who the Buhari political strategists see as anti-Buhari in his bid to regain power in 2019. Just recently, Magu appeared on Channel’s Television conspicuously wearing the President’s campaign badge. But the EFCC should be a politically-neutral anti-corruption body. We remember that Magu, who was saved several times by the Presidency from spirited efforts by the Senate and some of Buhari’s men to get him out, has recently completed a whopping N24 billion, ten-floor EFCC headquarters. It’s pretty obvious that Magu will pounce at anyone who dares constitute an impediment to Buhari’s Presidential re-election bid.

Ibrahim Idris, the Inspector-General of Police has demonstrated now and again, that the Police have not been able to tackle Nigeria’s worsening security situation. The army is now doing the work of the police in most parts of the country. As Buhari’s buccaneer, he has laid his card open by ordering the systematic disarming of vigilante groups in the country. The groups have been helping the police to curb the violent criminals in communities throughout the country. Most Nigerians interpret that move as a way of preventing people from protecting themselves when Fulani herdsmen attack them.




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