UPP Chieftain wants Imo Assembly members recalled



…Says impunity getting out of hands

The Deputy National Chainman of the United Progressive Party (UPP), Chief Ejike Uche, has called on the various constituencies in Imo State to set in motion the machinery for the immediate recall of the members representing them in the Imo State House of Assembly.

Addressing journalists in Owerri, Sir Ejike Uche, popularly known as Dimkpasaa said the ongoing impeachment process against the Deputy Governor, Eze Madumere and the resurrection in the Imo State House of Assembly of a bill to okay ranching and other infractions, are indications that the House members are representing their interest and no longer the interest of their constituencies.

He however blamed the deputy governor for keeping quiet, enjoying and benefiting from the impeachment of his predecessor, Chief Jude Agbaso without realizing that what goes around also comes around.

“It is true that Madumere, like most of us suffered for Okorocha and contributed immensely to his victory in 2011 and should not be treated unfairly by this government, but the fact remains that Rochas is an ungrateful person and has a penchant for paying good with evil. But that does not mean that those of us whose conscience are alive and undaunted should keep quiet and watch helplessly while impunity, lawlessness and other forms of evil and aberration thrive in Imo State.”

On the recent election in Ekiti State, where the candidate of All Progressive Party, APP was declared winner, Chief Uche described the election as “broad-day robbery that should be condemned by all well meaning Nigerians because it is inimical to Nigeria’s fledgling democracy.”

He said that money politics was elevated to an art, in Ekiti State, as money was brazenly shared to the electorate in a desperate bid by APC, to influence them and clinch power at all cost.

He  vote-buying was rampant during the Ekiti election just as it was in the recent elections in Anambra, Edo and Ondo States”. He described vote-buying as another virus in Nigeria’s electoral process, which gives wealthy parties and corrupt rich politicians an advantage as it undermines the rights of voters to freely vote according to their convictions.

The former Commissioner for Housing and Urban Development in Imo State, called on the electorate to rise up and condemn all sorts of manipulations aimed at giving undue advantage to the ruling party.

He maintained that APC government, by most of its actions, programs and policies, may lead to uprising in Nigeria, “because when the will and collective resolve of the people are abused, truncated and thrown to the dogs, their accumulated anger and frustration will result in protests and violent reactions. This will definitely be an ill wind that blows no one any good”.

He urged INEC not to allow itself to be used as willing tool by the APC led government at all levels to heat up the polity.

Chief Uche said what happened in Ekiti State is a  tip of the  icebag as it reflects what APC is poised to do in 2019.

He listed various kinds of impunity in the country and State, including flagrant disrespect for court rulings, use of  security agencies against perceived enemies and people with dissenting voices and other forms of brigandage by those in power.




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