26 Couples wed at Maria Assumpta Cathedral

Mass wedding
Mass wedding


… Commend Archbishop, Administrator

Twenty six couples were on Saturday July 28, 2018, united in holy matrimony at Maria Assumpta Cathedral Owerri, Imo State.

In a homily he delivered during the Mass, the Cathedral Administrator, Rev. Fr. Nicholas Ijemaru reminded the couples that marriage transforms people not only to husband and wife but also to brothers and sisters, with same blood. Therefore marriage should not only be perceived from the angle of sexual purpose otherwise it becomes lust instead of love.

“You are not marrying her for lust and she is not marrying you for lust, you are marrying her as your own sister and she is marrying you as her own brother,” the Cathedral Administrator said.

Fr. Ijemaru further reminded the couples that their marriage will only be successful, if they continue to see themselves as brothers and sisters, so that whenever issues arrive, they will have a lot of tolerance from each other and solve their problems together as brothers and sisters.

The priest pointed out some qualities the couples should exhibit if they want their marriage to be successful and they include, compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, cleanliness, decency, patience, tolerance, forgiveness and love which is the ultimate quality and key to a successful marriage.

The Administrator quoted the words of Pope Francis during the World Day of Marriage held at Philadelphia USA in which the pope declared that no marriage is perfect because each of us as individuals are nowhere near perfect.

The Cathedral Administrator stated that “even though the couples here today have been living together before deciding to tie the knot today, what they have been doing before today is just fornication.

It is today that their real marriage starts and the joy of the Lord begins in their lives; it is today that the church fully accepts them as members of the body of Christ.”

Fr. Ijemaru concluded his homily by stressing that after today, no matter what happens next in their marriage, regardless of whose fault, the couples should remain steadfast with each other by showing compassion and understanding during difficult times because as the saying goes “love covers multitude of sins” and with love many obstacles can be overcome.

Some of the couples who spoke to our reporter said they were happy to be full members of the church now and expressed readiness to proudly join the CMO and CWO as full fledged members.

They thanked the Archbishop, Most Rev. Anthony Obinna who encouraged them to normalize their marriages, the Administrator who showed them kindness and support the Assistant Administrator and catechizers who prepared them during the marriage course. They encouraged other couples who are still living together without the sacrament of matrimony to take advantage of the grace by Archbishop Obinna to wed in the church.

The mass wedding attracted many family members, friends and well-wishers of the couples.




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