Bishop Mark Unegbu Sub-Council holds Retreat



Members of the Knights of St. Mulumba, Bishop Mark Unegbu Sub-Council have ended their annual Retreat at the Holy Trinity Parish World Bank, Owerri recently.

In one of the lectures captioned “Making Right Choices,” the Sub-Council Chaplain Rev. Fr. Charles Ikwuegbu said that our life is an outcome of the choices we make. He referred to the book of Gen. 2: 7-9 & 3:1 – 7 and illustrated this view by using the story of the fall of Adam and Eve and the temptation of our Lord Jesus Christ. According to him, Adam and Eve had instinct like animals before God gave them the freedom to choose either evil or good, which they incidentally abused; while Jesus Christ preferred doing the will of His father instead of his own during his temptation.

“It is clear that we have in us a stream of rebelliousness, self centeredness and shortsightedness which cause us to make the wrong choices sometimes. However every right choice in life makes the next right choice easier because if we do the right thing enough, eventually, it becomes second nature to us.”

The Retreat moderator concluded by saying that the Lord Jesus Christ has made it possible for us to be reborn in innocence of character and called on the Knights and Christians to choose Godliness always and in all circumstances.

In his second lecture captioned, “Discipleship of Jesus Christ (“A Sacrifice”), Fr. Ikwuegbu referred to Luke 14:25-33 and said that our Lord Jesus Christ pointed out the difficulties, the hardships and the sacrifices that would be required of those who would follow him especially as Knights and Ladies of the Church. “Jesus tells us that it will not always be easy if we go with him,” the priest said, adding “that life is even harder if we try to live our lives without him.”

Only following him guarantees the fullness of life and all that is good in life, Fr. Ikwuegbu said warning that heaven is not going to be “a free drink for all”, heaven rather is the happiness of surrendering ourselves to the greatest lover in the universe that is God.

He said that one could be a follower of Jesus Christ without being his disciple which means that one can be a talker, rather than a doer. One supreme handicap of the Church is that in it, there are many people who follow Jesus at a safe distance, only very few are real disciples, that is, people who actually do what Jesus said and taught.

Fr. Ikwuegbu enjoined Knights of the Church to join in the fight against obnoxious practices like Osu/Diala caste system and other pagan practices.

He noted also that there are comfortable Church goers who give little heed to the misery of the needy, the groaning of the poor and the expected conducts of a practicing Christian.

“Jesus sets before us the goal of authentic way of life here and eternal life hereafter; he knows our frailty and stands beside us, he brightens the journey and lightens every heavy load for us.”

After the Retreat, the Sub-Council issued a Communiqué urging Christians not to take decisions and make choices that are not capable of taking them to paradise hereafter.

According to a Press Release by Linus Oparaocha, PRO, Bishop Mark Unegbu Sub-Council, the Retreatants agreed that, “There must be a clear difference between a Christian and a pagan and that Christians should not join secret cults or encourage  Osu caste system and other superstitious beliefs.

“That in all that Christians do, Good and Godliness must be chosen and bad and ungodliness rejected at all times and in all things.”




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