Bright Nwanne – Hope For A New Imo State



Where two or more are gathered today, their discussions centre on the slow pace of socio-political development in the state and Nigeria. This ugly trend is partly attributable to the self denial of the professional class from actively participating in partisan politics. The leadership recruitment process in Nigeria has not helped matters at all. The process is largely driven by wrong values. Our preferences for money, power and godfatherism instead of character and contents have driven away tested and competent people from active and elective politics.

It is a sad commentary to note that no Nigerian leader has won the most prized Mo Ibrahim 5 million dollars prize for political leadership in Africa since its inception over two decades ago. This is an indication of failure of political leadership in Nigeria taunted as a major economic hub in Africa. If we must stop indulging in self pity and virulent criticisms of leadership failure, we must as a matter of urgency encourage technocrats with integrity and history of accomplishments to actively participate in elective positions and not to be made political appointees only.

One of those who fit into this bill is distinguished Senator Bright Oguamanam Nwanne who is a frontline aspirant for the office of  the governor under the All Progressives Grand Alliance party (APGA). He is coming into the race with a rich history of accolades garnered over the years from both public and organised private sector. He did not allow the early demise of his beloved father dissuade him from navigating forward in life. Through God’s benevolence and dint of real hard work, he has attained the enviable position he is today in the society.

After passing through the famous Methodist College, Uzuakoli, for his secondary education, he later proceeded to the University of Texas Arlington, U.S.A where he took a degree in Marketing. After working for a while in the States, he returned home to contribute his own quota to the development of his father land. His company which started as a small scale enterprise is today into manufacturing of chemicals and in real estate development. Many young Nigerians are gainfully employed by him. His approach to politics has made him build a mass movement and followership for himself in the state. His team, with the support of every Imolite envision an Imo State that will be defined by rapid growth over the next four years for the good of all who live, work and visit. His government if elected will ensure that all our citizens identify and take advantage of existing and emerging opportunities and can do so in a secure environment.

Senator Nwanne’s new Imo State will be anchored on his manifesto christened The Imo Development Agenda. It is premised on a research carried out by renowned experts of Imo extraction he commissioned. Its focal point is on EDUCATION, JOB CREATION/YOUTH DEVELOPMENT, HEALTH, AGRICULTURE AND RE-ORIENTATION. The successful implementation of this vision will prepare the state to look beyond CRUDE OIL in ten years time. It is obvious that politics is the very life blood of our state and nation therefore must be treated with the importance and seriousness it deserves. We must put our best foot forward. Time has come for us to enthrone quality in all aspects of our human life. Quality is indeed the language of today’s information- driven and increasingly global economy and borderless world. To progress as a people in Imo State of the 21st century, we must not only think, say, do and choose quality, we must be active participants in nation building as agents and beneficiaries of developments.

His approach to governance will be to provide direction, determine priorities and monitor performance. The private sector will as much as possible be charged with bringing his ideas to fruition, so, enlargement of the private sector in this way will create jobs for our people and provide revenue to the state. As a person coming from this sector, understands that more jobs will be created by the sector if government creates the enabling environment. Imo State will be lifted by the hands of our able, retrained and well motivated civil service. To this end, he will build a new civil service comparable with the best anywhere. In addition to the civil service, he shall work closely with various communities and civil societies to ensure accelerated development of the state. Senator Nwanne will run an inclusive administration, providing wide spread access to information about the process, opportunities and developments in government and will be accountable to the people of Imo state for every action or omission.

Democracy cannot thrive on the strength of the political elite alone but on the strength of ordinary people who hold stake in and take responsibility for how our society works. The choices that we make as individuals, as groups and as a people make all the difference. Since the glorious days of our late sage, Dee Sam Mbakwe, Ph.D, we have had political leaders, the good, the bad and the ugly, each one with his own concept of what development is all about. Some of them prepared or ill-prepared, have had leadership thrust on them, some prepared long and hard for it, while others have simply turned to politics as the next best vocation haven failed in other areas. Senator Bright Nwanne is not coming into the race with any excessive baggage nor scores to settle with anyone or group of people. He has prepared well for leadership.

Ugwu Dike Mbaise and Dike Eji ejemba Ezinihitte Mbaise human centeredness knows no bounds, though not given to publicity has given university scholarships to over 50 indigent students, single handedly built a motor park and a police station at Onicha Mbaise. Also, provided pipe borne water and reticulated same for his people in addition to providing and energising transformer for over four autonomous communities in Onicha Ezinihitte Mbaise. Because of his closeness with his people and giving a listening ears to their matters, at a very young age was elected as a senator representing Owerri zone in 1992 under the defunct N.R.C.  Though the administration was short lived, he was very visible and active in the senate. His campaigns were informed, decorous, devoid of personal attacks and violence free. Again, he is running a principled and issues based electioneering.

His mission in politics derives from his quest to contribute to the pool of concerned Imolites actively committed to positive social change. He has the compassion, commitment, selfless and consuming passion to put the people first in whatever he does. With your prayers and support, he will be our hope for a new Imo state of our dream where prosperity and rule of law will reign supreme.


 (Mr Nnadi writes from Owerri.)



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