Who will bail Imo State? – Archbishop Obinna



The Catholic Archbishop of Owerri, Most Rev. Anthony Obinna, has taken a snipe at greedy politicians, blaming them for the suffering and starvation ravishing the people, especially in Imo State.

The Archbishop who expressed this in his homily at Maria Assumpta Cathedral, last Sunday noted that the knocking down and wrecking of businesses increased hardship in Imo State.

The prelate said the abnormal hunger ravaging the state and Nigeria is created by greedy politicians and the mammonic class. He warned that the present situation must be reversed in other to move the state forward. “But who will bail the cat? Who shall we send?” He asked.

The Local Ordinary was reflecting on the First Reading of the Mass (Exodus 16:2-4, 12-15) where the Israelites murmured against Moses and Aaron for bringing them out of Egypt where they were eating to the full into the wilderness to kill them with hunger.

The Archbishop said it was interesting that the Reading was taking place during political campaign in Nigeria. “There has always been normal hunger but there are times when there is extreme hunger either due to famine or bad governance.”

He observed that the mammonic class and greedy politicians in their pursuit of money, material wealth and possessions, create abnormal hunger which makes the people completely destitute –  without food, money and other things necessary for life.

Greed leads to hatred among the greedy which leads to violence and defection from one political party to another, the Archbishop said, adding that what we are witnessing currently is crisis of Nigeria’s brutal politics, where greedy people become brutes, brutalizing others.

He said those who have been turned destitute are fighting back; they want to have their own share by all means, including crime, but they don’t have the government power to steal.

Archbishop Obinna noted that having turned the people into destitute, the greedy and mammonic politicians have resorted to politics of bribery and corruption, giving money to traditional rulers, groups and individuals to persuade them to do dishonest things.

“This is blood money. Everybody must question himself or herself. Is this the way to move the state forward? We don’t need this politics of bribery and corruption. We cannot make progress with politics of greed and destitution; that’s why we are looking for people who will bail the cat, less greedy and less arrogant politicians.”

On the kind of people Imo needs, Archbishop Obinna said, “We want politicians with the spirituality of self-control and fairness. We are looking for less greedy politicians; we are looking for the least arrogant among them. We are looking for politics of care, of justice, self sacrifice and fairmindedness. These qualities are disappearing in our land. What we have is politics of greed, possessiveness and selfishness.”

He revealed that some politicians think he would be bought over with money, but that is not possible. “I cannot be bought over because the spirit of God makes me not to be a slave to money,” the Archbishop said.

He warned that the situation in the state would remain tragic as long as we remain in this politics of greed and brute.




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