Block Rosary Crusade honours Sir Peter Ahaotu, 14 others

Block Rosary Crusade honours Sir Peter Ahaotu, 14 others
Block Rosary Crusade honours Sir Peter Ahaotu, 14 others

… Launches Prayer Manual

Parishioners of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic church Orji Owerri, Sunday, August 12, had an exciting experience as members of the Block Rosary Crusade in the Parish entertained them with lots of soul-uplifting activities.

The occasion was the 2018 Parents Day celebration of the Block Rosary Crusade, made up mainly of children and Youths, as well as some adult Catholics. Activities that featured included: Bible recitations, launching of their manual of prayer, cultural dance, drama, and individual presentations. The climax of the celebration was the Award of Honour, conferred on 15 Catholics, who were identified as Patrons and Patronesses of the sodality. Awardees include Chief Sir Peter Ahaotu, First Vice President, Regiment One of the Owerri Grand Commandery of Knights of St. John International (KSJI). The honour was in recognition of their numerous contributions to the Block Rosary crusade and the church.

The ceremony took place at the end of Eucharistic celebration at which the Parish Priest, Rev. Msgr. John Azu presided. Preaching the homily, the Monsignor called on Christians to draw strength from the Holy Eucharist, which is the Bread of life in order to discharge whatever responsibilities, God has assigned to them. He explained that the God who provided food for the Israelites in the form of manna on their way from Egypt to the promised land and also provided food for prophet Elijah to eat in a cave at Beersheba when he was fleeing for his life, never fails to strengthen those who he gives work to do for him. Msgr. Azu emphasized that the greatest of all food for our soul is the Eucharist which leads to life everlasting after the physical death. He said that every devout Catholic spurred, by the word of God should hunger for the Eucharist to strengthen his faith to earn eternal life.

In the Address he presented at the second phase of the celebration, which took place, at the Parish Hall after Mass, the President of the Crusade, Bro Ike Arinze defined the Block Rosary as an Association of Catholics who fight evil and sin with the Rosary under auspicious of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He explained that “The objective of the Block Rosary Crusade is to give Glory to God through Mary …“. The Motto of the Crusade is Prayer, penance and Sacrifice, following the instruction of Mary to the little children of Fatima in 1917.

Bro. Arinze listed the achievements of the crusade in the Parish to include: organizing of inter centre Quiz competitions, debates, cultural dance, football competitions, drama group, choir, opening of new centres, Tuesday classes, house to house prayer congresses, visitation of the sick and purchase of evangelical bus which Hon. Barr Chima Anozje (Home Base) contributed so much. He also disclosed that some members of the crusade have taken giant studies in life by obtaining admissions to train as monk, reverend sister and Priest.

The challenges facing the Block Rosary in the Parish include: stubbornness of some children, lateness, and lukewarmness towards prayer. They have pressing needs such as, Musical instruments, alter materials, chairs and benches, opening of new Block Rosary Centres and support of existing ones. They urged parents to assist them to achieve all this.

The President who thanked the Parish Priest and other Priests who work with him namely: Rev. Frs. Justin Unanma and Cornelius Ogbonna for their support, also expressed gratitude to other Christ’s faithful. Chief Sir. Peter Ahaotu in his speech thanked the crusade for the Award, congratulated the leaders and members while calling on parents and guardians to encourage their wards to attend the Block Rosary so as to benefit from the rich catholic upbringing, it offers. Dr. O.A. Ewulonu was the Chairman of the reception.





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