Catholic school is inoculation against cultism, immorality – Msgr. Akagha



If you do not want your child to be involved in cultism either in the secondary school or university, all you need to do is to send him/her to a Catholic school.

Very Rev. Msgr. Kevin Akagha gave the advice in his homily at St. Mark Catholic Church, New Owerri on Sunday, Sept. 2. He told parents that Catholic teaching is an inoculation against cultism and other immoral acts ravaging our schools. (Inoculation is the introduction of an antigenic substance or vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease.)

The parish priest could not understand why Catholic parents should send their children to non-Catholic schools, thus denying them this vital vaccination which Catholic Schools provide.

Msgr. Akagha who is the Vicar of Zone 12, Owerri Archdiocese, harped on the importance of Catholic teaching and Catholic education, reminding parents that Catholic faith is the best legacy they can handover to their children.

Reflecting on the Gospel – the washing of hands, an essential part of Jewish ritual of purification, Msgr. Akagha said the act was not only for hygienic reasons but because the Jews felt they were defiled by contacts with the Gentiles.

The zonal vicar said Christ did not condemn hygiene rather he condemns ritualism – empty rituals that don’t enter the hearts.

He observed that some Catholics go to church every Sunday as a ritual, an empty ritual that doesn’t purify their souls, that doesn’t enter their heart.

This group of Catholics, he noted, is always busy with their cell phones while the Mass is going on, sending and viewing sms, whatsapp or Facebook messages. They are the first to leave the church before the Mass ends. They find it difficult to give God quality time of not more than three hours on Sunday.”

“Please, let the church not be mere ritual. Avoid distractions during Mass, especially the use of cell phones. Worship God in truth and in spirit.”  Hear the word of God, welcome the word of God and allow it to bear fruit in you.”

He said that the Catholic Church is criticized today because, unlike other churches, it has solidly stood against modern aberrations like abortion, homosexuality, lesbianism, same-sex marriage., “Other churches wheel and deal around such abarrations,” he regretted.




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